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Process control system

The Honeywell HC900 Process Controller is an advanced process and logic controller offering a modular, scalable design that is sized to meet the automation needs of a wide range of process equipment. The HC900 reduces hardware, software, training, and support requirements, making it an ideal control solution for diverse needs ranging from thermal control in boilers, furnaces, kilns, and dryers, to unit processing in pharmaceutical, chemical, bio-fuel, pilot-plant, water-treatment, paper, and other applications. Modularity, built-in redundancy, versatile I/O configuration, and connectivity, plus the ability to configure complete process solutions and archive their program parameters for easy retrieval and implementation, permits customized pinpoint control. A touch screen operator interface provides user-friendly pre-built or custom displays, along with trending, data archiving and other capabilities. A selection of controller CPU modules, multiple I/O rack sizes and multiple local or remote I/O process racks per system provides a flexible architecture that can accommodate the most demanding application.
Date Submitted*:  2012-10-23
Image*:  Process control system