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ProCal Direct

Leave the management of your calibration and maintenance software deployment, database maintenance, server validation and IT infrastructure to us. With ProCal Direct your start-up time is immediate and you can instantly access your ProCalV5 asset management program anywhere that you have an internet connection.  Unlike the standard software license model, your sign-on is controlled via a simple monthly service fee. This validated Cloud-based, web accessible solution provides your administrators with powerful & configurable user access controls & supports an unlimited number of multiple accounts, groups, users and assets. It is scalable for single facility use or multi-site, enterprise requirements. It even supports the popular ProCalV5 program import/export functions enabling compatibility with our proprietary off-line Mobile Workstation technology and connectivity to documenting process calibrators. Even better, your program is fully validated and professionally hosted in a SOC 2 Type II and SOC 3 audited environment ensuring complete data security.


  • Facilities needing fast deployment to meet regulatory compliance requirements
  • Small facilities lacking adequate IT resources
  • Companies or organization strategically moving to hosted Cloud Computing applications
  • Those needing a temporary / interim calibration management system
  • Facilities or departments with limited budgets for purchase & deployment
  • Organizations or service companies needing secure global access
  • Regulated companies, organizations or service providers needing assistance to streamline the official software validation process
Date Submitted*:  2014-05-19
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