Name *: ProCalV5 Calibration and Asset Management Maintenance Software
Description *: 

All ProCalV5 software versions and the various options are developed under strict and quality controlled practices. They are fully tested and validated before release and 21 CFR/Part 11 compliant. Prime Technologies policies, practices and documentation are routinely and successfully quality audited by major FDA and ISO regulated companies.

ProCalV5 assignments can be performed off-line using documenting calibrators or advanced Mobile Workstations. Mobile Workstations are also validated, 21 CFR/Part 11 compliant and offer users the full range of powerful program functions.

Local or Enterprise Use
An unlimited number of individual autonomous accounts can be created. An account can be populated with owner specific assets. Workflow, users, reports, field labels, etc. can also be customized.

The system offers an easy, user friendly format. For heavily regulated organizations, high level, sophisticated features can also be enabled  to control user access rights, standardize terminology, automate math functions, manage change control, force e-signatures routings, send auto-reminders, launch quality alerts, audit trail activities, etc.

ProCalV5 provides a comprehensive selection of over 70 Standard Reports and Forms. Users with SAP Crystal Reports can modify and build customized reports. An advanced search feature allows users to build ad-hoc queries and sort data from the database based upon single or multiple criteria selection.  Once built, queries can be named and saved for future use. Results from both reports and queries can also be easily exported into a large variety of file formats. With WebView, authorized personnel can launch program reports and saved queries from anywhere via secure, administrative controlled, web access.

Precision Test Packages
Calibration or qualification for many types of systems, equipment and instruments requires the accomplishment of specific tasks, unique data entry fields, specialized reports, detailed algorithms, etc. ProCalV5 Test Type Packages are designed to support advanced paperless testing functionality for a full range of commonly used systems and devices with work flow functions ranging from simple to complex. Prime Technologies can customize these existing packages or build others to match unique requirements.  

The Data Exchange/ ProCal Connect utility enables integration with any ERP, CMMS, LIMS and many other types of applications.

24 Hour/ 7 Day Support
Whether on-site or remote, ProCalV5 offers a complete range of services to assure successful deployment and continuing customer satisfaction.

Date Submitted*:  2014-08-19
Image*:  Prime Technologies ProCalV5 Calibration Asset Mgt Maintenance Software