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If you have hundreds or thousands of control loops, you can make your plant run better with PlantTriage. ExperTune's PlantTriage® Control Performance system monitors your plant 24 hours a day, then prioritizes and diagnoses each improvement opportunity. 

When you know where to look, there are plenty of opportunities to save money, increase production rate, and reduce downtime. PlantTriage shows you where to look. For example, the Biggest Payback Loops shows you the top 10 candidates for improving performance in the plant. 

PlantTriage's Dashboard displays concentrated information so that you can see at a glance exactly what information you want. Because the information is provided in a web browser interface, you can get all this information from your desktop computer. For example, the TreeMap is a powerful visualization tool that helps focus your attention on the "Hotspots" - places where you can make the biggest impact on overall plant performance. 

In addition, powerful drill-down tools help you make sense out of the data faster than ever before. Imagine being able to identify the biggest improvement opportunity in the plant, and then drill down directly to the root cause. This is the kind of power you get with the PlantTriage Dashboard. 

PlantTriage includes tools to identify equipment issues, and even measure the extent of the problem. This information can be used to plan maintenance activities. In one plant, this approach resulted in a 60% reduction in planned control valve replacements, saving days of labor, and tens of thousands of dollars. 

Your time is valuable. You shouldn't have to waste time piecing together information from 5 different sources. PlantTriage automatically gathers data, identifies process models, completes assessments, and notifies you of the results. It does all of this during normal process operation, without any interventions or process bumping required from you. The results can be delivered to you as an email, or displayed in your user-customized web browser interface. 

PlantTriage looks after your hundreds of control loops, 24 hours a day. Based on criteria that you have set, the PlantTriage System scans the entire process, finds the important information, filters it based on your needs, and notifies you directly. ExperTune's clients often get a 100% return on their investment within a few months of installation. Here are a few examples: 

"Once we used our new software to analyze loop interactions, we realized ... we are able to save over $1 million per year in energy consumption." Control Engineer, Sabic Innovative Plastics (formerly GE Plastics). 

"This was a fantastic start-up. The tools and techniques used at Porvoo are state-of-the-art, and helped us to deliver a high rate of return to our business." 
Plant Manager, Borealis 

"A very good tool. Useful for troubleshooting by the DCS engineers. They go in it daily and look at the worst performing loops and use PlantTriage to track down the problem." 
Senior Controls Engineer, British Petroleum 

At Automation Week, ExperTune is offering opportunities for you to see a demonstration, or to get some hands-on experience using PlantTriage. Stop by ExperTune's exhibit in the hub area to find out how you can learn more.
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