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PID controller

Red Lion Controls released the PAX2C PID controller, which is designed specifically for the process and temperature control markets. Applications include food and beverage, plastics, packaging, energy, gas, heat treating, and glass processing. The PAX2C's features include field installable plug-in option cards, which simplify configuration by enabling customers to use different cards to build their own controllers. This type of flexibility eliminates the need to order additional products to meet changing application requirements. A dual-line tri-color display provides at-a-glance visual representation of up to 16 changing alarm conditions with seven programmable color zones; customizable to allow users full access to bar graphs, annunciators, color zones and display mnemonics. The PAX2C also features universal input, a universal power supply, and easy programming, firmware, and software upgrades-using a standard built-in USB connector and Red Lion's Crimson software to support both current needs and future requirements.
Date Submitted*:  2012-12-01
Image*:  PID controller