Name *: Owl Secure Software Update Service SSUS
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Owl Secure Software Update Service

The Owl Secure Software Update Service (SSUS™) is a software-filtering product that secures the automated transfer of files into highly secure industrial control system (ICS) networks. SSUS addresses the problem of transferring software patches and executable files (like antivirus and malware updates) across electronic boundaries of differing security levels without utilizing "walk-nets" or other less-than-ideal transfer methods that can increase security vulnerabilities.

SSUS software provides enhanced security controls by ensuring that all files and updates are subject to content inspection, file extension checks, antivirus examinations, hash code validations, and other checks before crossing the perimeter boundary. Strict role-based access controls ensure that only authorized users can manage registered security policies and controls.

Advantages to implementing SSUS over portable media devices include:

  • Secure automated file transfer to ICS
  • Secure process for timely updates of software patches and antivirus programs
  • State-of-the-art access to transfer audit trails
  • Integration with Owl remote monitoring OPMS™
  • Operates over firewalls or data diode architectures
  • File integrity validation
  • Transfers between two networks
  • Convenient support for multiple hash code algorithms and virus scanning engines
  • Administrator management of registered manifest signatures
  • Two-person authentication

Date Submitted*:  2014-08-26
Image*:  Owl Secure Software Update Service SSUS Diagram