Name *: Owl Performance Management Service OPMS
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Owl Performance Management Service

The Owl Performance Management Service (OPMS™) enables users to manage Owl perimeter defense solutions with timely log file and system operating data, providing a global view of monitored systems. Performance, system health, and application status may be examined nearby or remotely via a web-based interface, monitoring and displaying log file information. OPMS-Monitor continuously oversees assigned security solutions for complete visibility while OPMS-Manage enables privileged administrators to perform maintenance tasks in a security solution and, within explicitly defined role limits, to modify configurations.

OPMS provides the ability to oversee the health and effective throughput of a single security device, multiple application instances on a single system, or multiple discrete systems. OPMS provides a browser-based monitoring system with IE 6+, Apache Web server, Mozilla Fire Fox 3+, and Safari 4+ support.

Enabled capabilities and features of OPMS include:

  • User authentication and data encryption
  • System-level monitoring of load average on Owl Send and Receive servers, CPU utilization, total memory (used and available), and disk availability
  • Errors noted from Send and Receive server log files
  • Display of connections made during the viewing period specified (real time, last 10 minutes, or continuous)
  • Remote management of perimeter defense deployments and solutions
  • Web-based graphical display of pertinent log-file data and system health statistics
  • File reconciliation between source and destination applications
  • Total log-file replication of security solution file transfers
  • Automatic email and/or SMS text alerts of anomalous events
  • Custom client log support

Date Submitted*:  2014-08-26
Image*:  Owl Performance Management Service OPMS