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Multivariable transmitters

ABB's Measurement Products business introduces the 266 series of multivariable transmitters. These transmitters directly calculate the mass flow or standard volume flow for gases, vapors, and liquids with dynamic flow compensation from three process variables: differential pressure, absolute pressure, and temperature.

The transmitters enhance differential pressure (DP) flow measurements of DP primary elements such as orifice plates, pitot tubes, venturis, and wedge meters. Apart from pressure-dependent or temperature-dependent changes to the density of the fluid, the transmitters also correct for parameters such as the discharge coefficient, thermal expansion of pipelines, primary device, and the Reynolds number. In the 266 multivariable transmitter, a single device replaces a standard DP transmitter, gauge transmitter, RTD, associated wiring, and flow calculator.

Date Submitted*:  2013-08-01
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