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Liquid flow sensor

The newest liquid flow sensor from Swiss sensor manufacturer Sensirion has ultrapure materials and outstanding precision. The small SLQ-QT500 sensor is designed for the semiconductor industry. "The SLQ-QT500 is perfect for the high purity requirements of the semiconductor industry. It can be used to monitor coating processes with a variety of liquids," says Dr. Andres Laib, director of sales for liquid flow products. The SLQ-QT500 covers flow rates from 0-120 ml/min. As with all Sensirion liquid flow sensors, its flow channel is absolutely straight and has no moving parts. The sensor is based on the CMOSens® technology. The microthermal flow measurement is performed through the flow channel wall, which separates the chip from the measured liquids. Therefore, only the PFA tubing and the quartz flow channel are in direct contact with the liquid. This guarantees that the sensor has a superb chemical resistance. Because of these features as well as the RS485 digital interface, the sensor is able to achieve a measurement with a sample rate of up to 1 ms. With this technology even liquids with a very high viscosity (100,000 cP and more) are not a problem.

Date Submitted*:  2013-08-01
Image*:  Liquid Flow Sensor