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Infrared detector

The VR40 infrared (IR) detector is a pocket-sized 4:1 IR thermometer with NCV detector and flashlight for technicians, contractors, and electricians. Its integral infrared thermometer is a safe and reliable way to measure surface temperatures, so it is suitable for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration professionals who need to determine the temperature of heating or cooling coils, or to detect overload currents in motors, electrical conduits, and junction boxes. Temperature readings are displayed in Fahrenheit or Celsius (-4° to 626°F or -20° to 330°C) on a four-digit LCD and are automatically held for 15 seconds. There are four sensitivity levels to optimize voltage detection over four practical ranges (12 to 25 VAC, 70 to 125 VAC, 150 to 240 VAC, 250 to 600 VAC). Detecting the presence of 12 VAC without direct contact comes in handy when troubleshooting branch circuits, as well as when working with process plant or industrial automation systems and equipment and hardwired thermostats.

Date Submitted*:  2014-02-06
Image*:  Infrared detector