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Honeywell SmartLine Pressure Transmitters

Honeywell's SmartLine® smart measurement system sets a new standard for total performance in harsh process environments, featuring the industry's first modular and most robust pressure transmitters. The SmartLine pressure transmitter delivers total value across the entire plant lifecycle, from construction, operations to maintenance. 

With better performance, modular construction, an advanced display and the best control system integration features available, Honeywell helps our customers reduce project costs and startup time, avoid unplanned downtime, improve product quality, reduce spare parts inventory and shorten time to repair. 

SmartLine's innovative modular design reduces complexity along the entire lifecycle, from avoiding initial purchasing costs, providing flexibility for post-start up modifications, reducing maintenance and inventory costs. 

A rich transmitter interface with an advanced graphic display and external 3-button configuration provides capabilities for field operators to more efficiently perform tasks, solve problems and avoid errors with no need for a handheld device. Users can configure the transmitters through externally accessible buttons, even in an intrinsically safe, Class I, Div. 1 environment. Now, whether on the bench or in the field, configure, change tag information, change languages and even more without needing a handheld device. 

The unique advanced graphic display can show up to eight separate screens with three formats to meet unique display requirements: process variable, bar graph and trend. It can display advanced diagnostics, maintenance status and a unique transmitter message. The maintenance mode will help ensure the transmitter is in the right mode before maintenance can be performed. The transmitter message uniquely allows the operator to send messages to the transmitters advanced display informing technicians of device calibration requirements and other key parameters. 

The industry's best total performance and stability help you save process materials and improve product quality. SmartLine provides better performance with industry leading accuracy, response time and stability. When combined with Honeywell's proven static pressure & temperature compensation, you get unbeatable total performance under actual process conditions. 

Unique Smart Connection Suite control system integration delivers transmitter messaging, maintenance mode indication and tamper alerts to improve your field time, avoid unit trips and make your employees more efficient. 

SmartLine's unique polarity insensitivity means that SmartLine transmitter wiring can be reversed without damaging or effecting the normal operation of the transmitter. This avoids costly rework on large installations where multiple contractors may use different wiring standards and eliminates return trips to re-wire "incorrectly wired" devices. 

Honeywell's SmartLine series ranges from absolute, differential, gauge, and remote seal transmitters to flanged (level) and multivariable transmitters as well as remote indicators. Regardless of the application, Honeywell has the right instrument to meet your performance and cost requirements.

Date Submitted*:  2013-05-17
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