Name *: Honeywell Experion LX Proven Easy to Use and Purpose built Distributed Control System
Description *: 

A DCS to control and optimize continuous and batch applications.

The specialty chemicals, biofuels, industrial and mid-size power, metals, water, and food & beverage industries are continually looking to reduce costs while meeting more stringent regulations and increased sustainability objectives. One way to accomplish these goals is through the functionality of a distributed control system (DCS), which can control and automate your plant while providing the system reliability and greater flexibility that traditional PLCs are unable to offer. However, many leading DCS systems are simply too big and not cost-effective for smaller manufacturing operations.

Honeywell’s purpose-built DCS-Experion® LX-helps manufacturers worldwide meet these challenges. It provides you with the agility to respond to product mix changes and offers advanced optimization and batch technology usually found in larger DCS systems-but at an affordable price. Experion LX manages all continuous process control applications and optimizes batch and sequence-oriented applications. It’s scalable from a single HMI and controller to many stations and controllers. It incorporates Honeywell’s latest C300 controller technology and an innovative Series 8 I/O platform. Straightforward configuration and advanced engineering tools enable faster project implementation or system changes, allowing you to expand and modify operations to meet growing and changing business demands. The results are increased production, more flexible product mix changes, and faster introduction of new products and formulations. Experion LX is based on Honeywell’s award-winning Experion Process Knowledge System (PKS) and leverages Honeywell’s proven track record in DCS applications.

Why Experion LX?  

  • Maximize plant uptime.
  • Improve plant reliability.
  • Optimize plant efficiency.
  • Boost plant performance and agility to respond to business changes.
  • Enhance operator effectiveness through alarm management and displays.
  • Communicate effortlessly with third-party devices and drives.
  • Drive down costs through a low total cost of ownership.
  • Ensure scalability and future expansion.

All the functionality you need.

Experion LX is packed with all the sophisticated features you need to control and optimize smaller manufacturing applications:

  • Experion C300 controller for powerful and robust control.
  • C300 Simulation for proving out control strategies.
  • Series 8 I/O module design for compact footprint, efficient installation, wiring and easy maintenance.
  • Optional redundancy at all levels: server, network, C300 controller, Series 8 I/O modules.
  • Smart device integration through industry standard protocols, such as HART, Foundation Fieldbus, Profibus™, and Modbus and asset management using Honeywell’s integrated Field Device Manager software.
  • Controller-based S88 compliant modular batch control for high throughput and reliability of batch processing.
  • Revolutionary Profit Loop algorithm for model based predictive control.
  • High-performance Honeywell Fault Tolerant Ethernet control network.
  • Extensive integration of PLC, DCS, RTUs, Drives, Safety Systems and other devices like weigh scales through the rich SCADA capability of Experion LX and Matrikon OPC servers.
  • Distributed Server Architecture (DSA) for integration of processes across multiple units, control rooms or geographically distributed locations for optimum flexibility and system maintenance.
Date Submitted*:  2014-08-19
Image*:  Honeywell Experion LX