Name *: Fisher type 63EGLP bulk storage tank relief valve
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Bulk storage tank relief valve

The Fisher type 63EGLP bulk storage tank relief valve, typically used on 30,000 gallon and larger propane tank applications, has 40 percent more relief capacity, 20 percent less weight for easier installation, and reduced maintenance costs compared to traditional multiport relief valves. The UL-certified relief valve is approved for bulk propane storage relief installations compliant with NFPA 58.

The valve incorporates an accurate pilot-controlling valve that has been used for decades in petrochemical and natural gas applications. The dual-pilot design provides high-accuracy relief and the ability to service one pilot while the other pilot controls the relief valve for uninterrupted relief protection, helping to minimize maintenance time and costs. With an increased capacity, ease of installation, reduced maintenance costs, and a history of decades of accurate, dependable service in the petrochemical industry, the 63EGLP provides great value to the propane industry.

Emerson Process Management

Date Submitted*:  2014-08-08
Image*:  Emerson Fisher type 63EGLP bulk storage tank relief valve