Name *: Emerson ROC800L flow computer
Description *: 
Emerson ROC800L flow computer Flow computer integrated with Flow-Cal measurement system Emerson Process Management announced that the Emerson ROC800L flow computer now generates the Flow-Cal’s liquids CFX file format. This added capability within the flow computer creates a seamless interface from the field to Flow-Cal’s Enterprise Liquids measurement system. Users of Emerson’s flow computer can improve productivity, reduce cost, and increase measurement data security with better insight into their operations. The version 7 CFX file format allows users to import liquid data into the Flow-Cal measurement application, which automates the complex process of batch and ticket processing. Data generated from the CFX file includes flow information, CTL and CPL, meter configuration, and analysis. The Flow-Cal CFX file format is a secure, binary format that retains data integrity by ensuring the measurement data cannot be changed or manipulated. Generating the file format within the Emerson flow computer offers an additional level of security.
Date Submitted*:  2013-08-01
Image*:  emerson-roc800