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EJA series pressure transmitters

Yokogawa Corporation of America released the enhanced version of the DPharp EJA series pressure/differential pressure transmitters. While remaining in the same price range, the enhanced series now offers improved performance and functionality. As standard features, the devices have the same high-speed response and multisensing functionality as the high-end DPharp EJX series.

Pressure/differential pressure transmitters are typically used in the oil, petrochemical, and chemical industries to measure liquid, gas, and steam flow rates as well as liquid levels in tanks. The DPharp EJA series transmitters are compact, multipurpose sensors with a large installed base. The transmitters simultaneously measure differential and static pressure. A single enhanced EJA transmitter can measure both the liquid level and the pressure in a tank. Previously, this could only be done with two EJA transmitters. The response time is now 90 ms, which equals the capability of the EJX series transmitters. Specifically, this is the time from the detection of pressure to the output of an electric signal. The improved transmitters weigh 30 percent less and have indicators that are nearly twice the size of those on the nonenhanced version. Additionally, the optional ultra-low copper aluminum housing can provide much improved corrosion resistance over standard aluminum housings, making it a suitable alternative to 316SS for offshore environments.

The transmitters now comply with the IEC 61508 international safety standard on the functional safety of electrical/electronic devices and are certified for use in safety integrity level 2 applications as stipulated by the IEC.

Date Submitted*:  2013-12-02
Image*:  EJA series pressure transmitters