Name *: CUBEFuse portfolio of Class CF fuses
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CUBEFuse portfolio of Class CF fuses

The CUBEFuse portfolio of Class CF fuses for protecting solar and wind power generation installations has expanded. The finger-safe CUBEFuse design delivers the benefits of up to an 80% smaller footprint compared to other fuse solutions while limiting exposure to live parts for increased safety. Listed to UL 2579, the fast-acting PVCF photovoltaic version withstands extreme temperature cycling conditions ranging from -40° through 90°C. It is specifically designed to protect PV cell arrays by responding quickly to the lower fault current levels encountered in solar installations, and is available in 600Vdc ratings from 35 to 100 amps. 
Recognized to UL 248, the fast-acting WCF wind power version is rated at 690Vac and available in ampacities from 1 to 100 amps along with special 30, 60, or 100A 690V rated ampacity, rejecting holders that help prevent overfusing. With current-limiting Class J electrical performance, the wind power CUBEFuse increases electrical safety by reducing arc flash hazard levels. The photovoltaic and wind power CUBEFuse versions feature low watt loss for increased system efficiency.

Date Submitted*:  2012-10-03
Image*:  CUBEFuse