Name *: Stainless steel enclosure
Description *: 
The XIHNS stainless steel, explosionproof instrument enclosure is suitable for rugged applications where severe corrosion exists. It has a modern contour design for an updated look for housing sensitive instrumentation, such as measurement devices, transmitters, multilevel circuit boards, or wide-angle readouts and displays. With a bored throat opening of 4 1/16 inches, the enclosure can accommodate a wide variety of OEM instruments and devices. Two solid cover and two glass cover options are available. The glass cover has a viewing window of 3.31 inches and a low-profile/tab-free retaining ring for maximum instrument clearance. The instrument housing includes a removable, internal mounting pan for easy installation. It has an option of up to six conduit entries; three ¾” npt conduit entries are standard. It has two cast-on mounting tabs, centered, with an optional third tab.
Date Submitted*:  2014-06-06