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22mm Pilot Devices

The 22mm product line of American-made pilot devices offers a low profile design that saves you valuable space in your control panel and significantly reduces installation time and overhead costs. Our extensive line includes contact blocks, push buttons, pilot lights, selector switches, special operators, and a variety of accessories, all manufactured at the highest quality with a sleek metal appearance. Advancements include our EN418 compliant Push-Twist- Release E-Stop Operators and our new dual push button constructed with a special watertight seal that eliminates the need for a rubber boot. Compact "snap-on" contact blocks are color coded for quick circuit identification and contain self-lifting pressure plates for fast and easy wiring. 
You can further reduce your inventory and costs with our wide range of Pilot Lights featuring our exclusive Multi-Voltage light units. They operate at any voltage from 20V to 240V AC or DC without losing intensity, making them easily interchangeable across multiple applications. With features like the "spring loaded" latching mechanism, we make it easier to install and wire contact blocks & light modules separate from the operator and outside the confined space of the control panel. All c3controls products include certifications and electrical ratings clearly marked on the outside of all our operators, and the single cam design eliminates the need for multiple cam and selector switch configurations.

Date Submitted*:  2012-10-03
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