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    Editorial Mission

    InTech provides the most thought-provoking and authoritative coverage of automation technologies, applications, and strategies to enhance automation professionals' on-the-job success.

    Published by the automation field's leading organization, ISA, InTech addresses industry challenges, new technologies, and fundamentals in a practical approach. It is written for engineers, managers, technicians, and other automation professionals; and it is produced with the active involvement of automation's most-influential leaders, subject-matter experts, and educators.

    Articles discuss the most critical issues facing the rapidly changing automation industry, offering a balance of basic and advanced treatment of topics such as:

    • Enterprise-level topics of interest to engineers and c-level management
    • Technical support level issues
    • Strategies for major raw materials processing and discrete manufacturing industry sectors on technologies and business operations
    • New technologies and their applications
    • Reviews of the fundamentals in operations
    • Industry standards and their application
    • Professional career development
    • Industry and organization news about ISA and other major industry associations.

    Editorial for 2014

    The InTech Editorial Calendar for 2014 outlines the "must-read" content that our automation professional readers rely on every day in their jobs. InTech is available in print, digital, online, and smart-device versions.

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