Spotlight on motor controls

PowerGate VFD

The PowerGate 66 IP66/NEMA 4 variable frequency drive (VFD) incorporates a version of the E700 VFD into a custom-made NEMA 4 (water-resistant) enclosure for use in harsh environments. The drive is especially suitable for applications that require precise motor speed control, including conveyors used in food and beverage operations and material handling, the control of pumps and fans in HVAC and water handling applications, or in any application where the drive is exposed to water and dust.

The PowerGate 66 is closer to the motor, improving efficiency and preventing motor damage, while offering the same performance and operability characteristics as the E700. The LCD displays information in words, rather than number-based codes, as is the industry norm. And to simplify programming, the keypad has 10 buttons laid out similarly to a pocket calculator.

Mitsubishi Electric,

CL/ML motor drives

The IndraDrive CL/ML motor drives, rated from 110 kW to 4 MW, are for applications in metal forming, plastics, test, printing, metallurgy, marine, offshore, and other heavy industries. These drives help users improve energy efficiency, especially through power regeneration, while protecting people and machines with integrated safety-on-board safety functions. In many applications, such as forming, plastics, metallurgy, or material handling, a high degree of force and drive power are often necessary. The IndraDrive CL/ML helps machine operators reduce power consumption up to the multi-megawatt range while also increasing productivity.

The IndraDrive CL/ML comes in power ranges of 110–500 kW on a single unit. Using a parallel connection of up to eight individual 500 kW drives running a single motor, users can achieve drive power of up to 4 MW. In addition, users can choose either air- or liquid-cooled drive systems depending on their control cabinet configuration, noise requirements, and ability to handle waste heat.


Servo terminal

The EL7211 servo terminal is an EtherCAT terminal available with an integrated resolver interface or with one-cable technology (OCT). With the servo terminal, the EtherCAT I/O system has a complete compact servo drive with an output current of up to 4.5 Arms integrated into a 24-mm wide terminal housing. This is an increase over the existing 12-mm wide EL7201 servomotor terminal with 2.8 Arms.

The EL7211-0010 servomotor terminal supports absolute encoders, so it is suitable for the AM81xx servomotor series with OCT. OCT combines power and feedback signals into one standard motor cable and significantly reduces material and commissioning costs. The EL7211-0010 EtherCAT terminal can automatically read in the integrated electronic identification plate of the servomotors, which simplifies motor commissioning.

The field-oriented current and PI speed control technology of the EL7211 servomotor terminal makes it suitable for fast and highly dynamic positioning tasks. Monitoring numerous parameters, e.g., overvoltage and undervoltage, overcurrent, terminal temperature, and motor load, via the calculation of an I2T model offers operational reliability.


MC403-Z motion controller

The MC403-Z motion controller is for control of two or three axes. The “core axis” connections on the controller can be configured as pulse and direction outputs to drives, as incremental encoder feedback inputs, or as simulated encoder outputs. The three-axis variant allows one axis to be set up as an “extended axis” where the connection can be configured as an input for SSI, Tamagawa, or EnDAT absolute encoders. Users can tailor the controller to their machine requirements. Machine designs could, for instance, use the MC403-Z for simple two- or three-axis open-loop stepper systems and two- or three-axis servo systems—providing position and speed as a pulse and direction output (with the servo drive closing the loop). Alternatively, the controller can synchronize axes from an incremental or absolute encoder or use its simulated encoder output to time external events.

In combination with the MC403-Z’s 64-bit ARM11 processor, generous digital and analog I/O count, and other features (such as built-in Ethernet and the ability to add robotic transformations or synchronize motion with double floating-point precision), the device is suitable for low-axis count machines where precision and high performance are paramount. With multiple high-speed registration input capability and hardware-linked outputs, the controller will find applications in high-throughput production equipment such as labelling and packaging machines, laser machining, or camera-based high-accuracy positioning systems and parallel arm robots. Functionally the controller can undertake linear, circular, helical, and spherical interpolation across all axes as well as flexible CAM shapes and linked motion. Its ARM11 processor with vector floating point provides the ability for complex arithmetic operations, making process-centric machine control possible.

Trio Motion,

CWC motor contactors

The CWC series miniature contactors are a complete solution for switching and controlling motors. The compact dimensions for its IEC current rating, up to 22 A (AC-3 utilization category), allow it to take up less space inside electrical enclosures while still offering up to 15 hp at 460 V. Dimensions of the 7–16 A contactors are the same for AC or DC coil voltages, easing panel design and assembly. DC models have low-consumption coils, allowing operation directly from a programmable logic controller without interface relays. Available in three-pole and four-pole models, contactors are 35-mm DIN-rail mountable with IP20-rated housings, self-lifting pressure plates, and coil voltage indication.

The miniature contactor prices start at $11; available accessories include front-mounting auxiliary contact blocks, surge suppressors, electronic timing relays, wiring kits, mechanical interlock and latch blocks, and a wide selection of overload relays.


ACS250 drive

The ACS250 drive for simple machine control is for system integrators, original equipment manufacturers, and panel builders—to meet the requirements of end users in a broad range of applications, from augers, mixers, pumps, and fans to conveyors. The drive has two degrees of environmental protection, starting with the standard IP20 panel-mounted chassis. For more demanding environmental conditions, such as wash-down applications that require on-machine mounting, use the IP66/UL Type 4x drive.

With its feed-through wiring, the IP20 chassis drive can replace motor starters to improve overall energy efficiency, reduce mechanical stresses, and enhance the process control of many applications. The drive’s compact and uniform dimensions facilitate multiple drive solutions and cabinet installations, saving valuable installation space. The IP66/NEMA 4X drive is made with materials that meet stringent hygiene standards, preventing the drive from trapping bacteria and allowing it to thrive in harsh environments with dust, moisture, and chemicals. The integrated keypad provides straightforward drive commissioning and maintenance, and the sealed ABS enclosure and corrosion-resistant heat sink are suitable for wash-down applications. The drive supports precise process control, with an enhanced V/Hz control with variable-torque or constant-torque V/Hz profiles and an embedded Modbus-RTU communication interface for real-time control and monitoring.

The IP20 drive is available in 1~115 V In / 3~230 V Out and 600 V In/Out. The IP66/NEMA 4X drive voltage range is from 1~115V In/3~230V Out, to 600V In/Out.


Motor speed control

The 0794 DC motor speed control is an enclosed model with a forward-brake-reverse switch and dynamic braking. It is suitable for bidirectional applications such as conveyors, packaging machines, screen-printing equipment, food processing applications, lab instrumentation, and labeling equipment. Housed in a NEMA 1/IP20 enclosure, the model 0794 provides smooth speed control for PMDC gear motors and motors. Its pulse-width-modulated design provides higher torque and lower motor operating temperatures than typical SCR controls. Filtered DC output to the motor allows cooler operation, longer brush life, lower audible noise, and wider speed range. The type WPM control accepts 115 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1-phase input. Motor power ratings are 7/16 hp (326 watts) at 90 VDC, or 5/8 hp (466 watts) at 130 VDC.

Five trim pot adjustments (TORQ limit, minimum and maximum speed, acceleration/deceleration, and IR compensation) eliminate computer-like programming. DIP switches allow users to calibrate the control for different motor sizes. Two diagnostic LEDs on the PC board indicate when power is on and when current output is at the limit set by the TORQ pot.

Bodine Electric Company,

Modular rail switches

The company has extended its range of Hirschmann MSP30 configurable modular rail switches for mission-critical applications by adding the managed MSP30 layer 3 switch.

This new switch provides extensive routing functions that enable communication between physically separated networks. It also supports security functions that guarantee all-around protection for the network and deliver maximum productivity. Standard redundancy protocols permit network segmentation into subrings. Suitable for use in harsh conditions near the shop floor, the modular rail switches facilitate direct routing to other production floors without a backbone router. Power-over-Ethernet-Plus support allows terminal equipment to be powered straight from the data line without additional power packs or extra cables.


Conduit systems

The U.S.-made line of PVC-coated conduit, device boxes, GUA junction boxes, sealing fittings, union and pulling elbows, and strut can be used throughout harsh oil and gas environments. The systems are suitable for integration within new oil and gas facilities or as a replacement for aging products in existing plants. The annual cost of corrosion in the U.S. for oil and gas exploration, production, and refining is more than $5.1 billion. These costs are caused by unscheduled plant shutdowns, lost production, high repair costs, and imposed fines. The company’s conduit systems withstand extreme temperatures and harsh, toxic, flammable, and acidic elements.

The PVC-coated conduit is available in both galvanized rigid steel and rigid aluminum; it comes in 12 trade sizes from ½ – 6 in. It is UL listed and fully compliant, without exception, to the NEMA RN-1 and ANSI C80.1 requirements. Device boxes can be purchased in three trade sizes from ½ – 1 in, with flexible overlapping sleeves and added protection with an interior urethane coating. Beam clamps and straps are available in right angle, edge, U bolt, parallel, and beam varieties for all thread configurations. Strut is cut standard, punch, or slotted in back-to-back and half-sizes, sized to fit all Calbond conduit.


Digital pressure sensor

A ½-in H2O digital pressure sensor joins the company’s existing DLVR series pressure sensor family. The new sensor lets design engineers measure very low pressures with a compensated digital output signal. The DLVR series is a low-voltage, low-cost digital pressure sensor that offers a fully customizable, turnkey solution. The sensors have either I2C or SPI output interfaces with 14-bit internal resolution, 3.3 V and 5 V supply voltage options, and a 1 percent total error band. With the ability to operate at a low supply voltage (3.3 V), the series is power conscious and suitable for portable applications. It uses the CoBeam2 technology, allowing greater sensitivity and reducing package stress and position sensitivity. Devices are available in ½, 1, 2, 5, 10, 30, and 60-in H2O pressure ranges. Applications for this device are medical breathing, medical devices associated with low pressure, portable devices, battery-operated devices, remote sensing, HVAC, and industrial controls.

All Sensors Corporation,

Unmanaged switch line

The LNX-0702G-SFP series is a seven-port industrial gigabit unmanaged Ethernet switch, with five RJ45 10/100/1000Tx and two dual-rate 100/1000 SFP slots. The LNX-1002G-SFP series is a 10-port industrial gigabit unmanaged Ethernet switch, with 8 RJ45 10/100/1000Tx and two dual-rate 100/1000 SFP slots.

Each series requires just 10 watts and has a 12~48 VDC high-voltage power input that can support MDI/MDI-X functions and a 9.6 KB jumbo frame. It is suitable for applications that demand high bandwidth and long-distance communication.

The series has high EFT and surge (2,000 VDC) and ESD (6,000 VDC) protection to prevent any unregulated voltage. It can support power redundancy using dual-power input with reverse polarity protection. There is also a built-in relay warning function to alert maintainers of power failures.

The LNX-0702G-SFP and LNX-1002G-SFP series are suitable for industrial automation, outdoor applications, and extreme ambient weather environments. They have a five-year warranty and are IP30 rated, compact, fanless, and DIN-rail and wall mountable. Each series withstands industrial networking hazards such as shock, drop, vibration, electromagnetic interference, and temperature extremes. The LNX-0702G-SFP are 30 mm (W) x 99 mm (D) x 142 mm (H) and have a unit weight of 2.5 pounds. The LNX-1002G-SFP are 46 mm (W) x 99 mm (D) x 142 mm (H) and have a unit weight of 2.5 pounds.

Antaira Technologies,