May/June 2012
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Improve knowledge, skills at industrial automation North America event

By Bill Lydon, InTech, Chief Editor

This year, attendees of the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) in Chicago at McCormick Place can take advantage of ISA courses in conjunction with Hannover Fairs International's Industrial Automation North America (IANA) event collocated with IMTS. The growth of manufacturing companies depends on remaining competitive with quality products and services, and this requires having knowledgeable people. Simply investing in the latest manufacturing hardware and software technology does not guarantee success; it needs to be applied properly by trained personnel. Ongoing training provides employees the knowledge and skills to apply and implement automation investments to increase profits, improve quality, and reduce risks to be competitive and responsive to customers. The IMTS event, held every two years, is an industrial trade show with more than 1,100 exhibitors and 82,000 visitors. Offering ISA courses at the event provides attendees with double value since the training increases their knowledge and skills while they learn about the latest automation technology and techniques at the trade show. Manufacturing companies with people who have up-to-date training from a vendor-independent source such as ISA are positioned to make significantly better automation purchase decisions. A sample of the one-day ISA courses that will be presented at IANA includes:

  • Overview of Measurement and Control Fundamentals (FG05C)
  • Overview of Grounding and Noise Reduction for Control Equipment (TI21C)
  • Introduction to SCADA Systems Integration (IC30C1)
  • Practical Applications of SCADA Systems (IC30C2)
  • Industrial Wireless Systems (IC85C)
  • Improving Manufacturing through Automation: Opportunity Identification and Project Justification (MT10C1)
  • An Introduction to Safety Instrumented Systems (EC50C)
  • Using the ANSI/ISA99 to Secure Your Control System (IC32C)

Combining ISA training with the event helps users accomplish the goal of adopting new technology by learning about it, identifying applications, and educating people in the company about the value of investing in it. Deutsche Messe's Aryan Zandieh, director, Industrial Events & CeMAT Worldwide said, "We wanted to provide our attendees with access to the best technical content out there. That is why we are working with ISA."

About IANA
The IANA Pavilion has been conceived and implemented by Deutsche Messe, well known for their annual Hannover Fair that brings a world view to this event. Deutsche Messe manages 100 trade fairs and exhibitions in Germany and abroad every year, involving more than 36,000 exhibitors and 3 million visitors from over 100 different countries. The International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) was traditionally a machine equipment trade show but has broadened focus to be responsive to new manufacturing realities. IMTS is 10-15 September at McCormick Place, Chicago. The IANA exhibitors will showcase all areas of industrial automation, providing operating examples and insights into integration to be more competitive. Attendees have the opportunity to explore solutions and meet with automation experts to discuss their applications and challenges.

The integration of manufacturing and business systems has been a labor-intensive task in the past. The good news is industrial automation technologies have advanced dramatically in the last few years to support highly integrated manufacturing without building "one-off" custom systems. These advances lower initial investment and ongoing operating cost while being easier to implement and use. This is because of recent dramatic advances in technology including high-power, lower-cost computer chips, improved software, simulation software, advanced sensors, lower-cost machine-to-machine networking, mechatronics, and new industry standards.

Conference information

10-15 September
Chicago:   McCormick Place
               East Building

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