July 18, 2012
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Maverick Technologies launches PlantFloor24

Bringing much-needed manufacturing services and solutions

ISA Executive Director and CEO, Patrick Gouhin, attended the invitation-only event at Maverick Technologies headquarters in Columbia, Ill., that launched the grand opening of their 24/7 Global Operations Center. Nearly 100 people were present to witness the ribbon-cutting ceremony and formal launch of PlantFloor24. PlantFloor24 is the world's first full-service, platform-independent, 24/7 hardware, software, and process support solution. PlantFloor24 grew out of Maverick's Strategic Manufacturing Solutions and Operational Consulting offerings and will potentially change how plants maintain, monitor, and optimize their assets. Maverick presented a case for how PlantFloor24 will allow manufacturers to reduce operational costs, augment staff with multidisciplinary skills, and improve asset management.

ISA Executive Director and CEO Patrick Gouhin (left) with Maverick Technologies CEO and Founder Paul Galeski at the formal launch of PlantFloor24.

PlantFloor24 will be a lifeline for manufacturing facilities. "This solution really comprises a spectrum of offerings," said Peter Esparrago, senior consultant. "On one end, you have manufacturers that will outsource a large portion of their automation services, and on the other you have manufacturers that are just looking for resource augmentation."

"It's a fully secure operational center with remote monitoring, biometric hand scans, backup generators, and war-room style views into operations," added Kirk Norris, senior vice president of Strategic Manufacturing Solutions.


Maverick CEO and Founder Paul Galeski provided an overview of the new full-service manufacturing support solution as well as a company history. Gouhin commented that, "Maverick continues to demonstrate thought leadership in industrial automation by bringing the services and solutions to market that American manufacturers need."