July/August 2012
Automation Update

Fieldbus updates technical specs for remote operations management

The Fieldbus Foundation released an updated version of its technical specifications, addressing key elements of Foundation for Remote Operations Management (ROM) technology, which enables manufacturers to begin developing Foundation for ROM devices. Specifications have been added for transducer blocks for both wired and WirelessHART devices.

The Foundation for ROM solution offers a unified digital infrastructure for asset management in a wide range of remote applications, from oil and gas pipelines to tank farms and offshore platforms, and even OEM skid-mounted equipment. The technology enables fieldbus connectivity to remote I/O (RIO) and the leading industrial wireless protocols, including WirelessHART and ISA100.11a. It provides an interface to these wireless technologies and uses electronic device description language (EDDL) and function blocks to ensure interoperability with Foundation for ROM devices.

The RIO portion of the specification was released in April of last year and allows for connectivity of large point count RIO to Foundation fieldbus.

-News brief courtesy of Automation.com