July/August 2012
Automation Update

Emerson adds Beamex CMX calibration software

Emerson Process Management added Beamex CMX calibration software to its AMS Suite predictive maintenance software application. With the calibration functionality already available with AMS Suite, the integration with Beamex provides an enhanced calibration solution that will help users transform their calibration practices to be more accurate and efficient.

This solution broadens the scope of assets that can be calibrated and includes customizable calibration reports to improve analysis and documentation of asset status and enable manufacturers to comply with industry regulations such as ISO 9001:2000, 21 CFR Part 11, and IEC 61511.

Utilizing the AMS Suite Calibration Connector, AMS Device Manager populates the CMX calibration software with intelligent device data. Users are able to leverage diagnostic information from these assets on overall health. Upon completion of calibrations, CMX will provide pass/fail information to AMS Device Manager to update the device history.

Don Brady of GlaxoSmithKline in Cork, Ireland, said, "We've eliminated 21,000 sheets of paper per year and streamlined our end-to-end workflow, which reduced our calibration time by about 15 minutes per calibration. We have also eliminated calculation errors and rework because pass/fail calculations are performed in real-time out in the plant." The plant also reduced scheduled calibrations by 8% as part of the data migration from their legacy system.

-News brief courtesy of Automation.com