July/August 2012
Association News

In Memoriam: Glenn Allen

In recognition of Glenn Allen, "a quintessential mentor for all"

By Gene Yon

ISA member, Professor R. Glenn Allen, passed away 3 April. Allen launched Mechatronics at Southern Polytechnic State University (SPSU) as a recognized four-year BS degree academic discipline. SPSU is the second U.S. university granting this degree and the first in the Southeast region. He established strong industry linkages and financial support for SPSU and Mechatronics and established a strong working base in the K-12 domain with students, teachers, and administrators that focused upon motivating students to pursue higher education. Allen also launched Georgia BEST Robotics and grew that base to over 1,500 students and parents and created a leadership role model for SPSU students, faculty, and associates. All this was accomplished while he maintained a respectful devotion to creating and growing a professional environment for students of all ages. He was the teacher and problem solver that I continue to aspire to become.