September/October 2011
Automation Update

Rockwell Automation starts Biofuels Customer Advisory Council

The Biofuels Customer Advisory Council (CAC) will provide customers with a forum to discuss their needs, challenges and industry opportunities. Rockwell Automation will utilize the customer feedback to guide and validate future strategies and product roadmaps for its Pavilion8 model predictive control and plant-wide optimization solutions.

The 2011-2012 CAC is composed of representatives from a diverse group of industry-leading companies, including Cardinal Ethanol, LLC, Golden Grain Energy, LLC, Kansas Ethanol, LLC, Marquis Energy, LLC, Trenton Agri Products, LLC, Western Plains Energy, LLC, Western Wisconsin Energy, LLC, White Energy, LLC and Zilor Enterprises. As part of their participation, members will have the opportunity to preview new products and take advantage of beta-testing opportunities.

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