July/August 2011

Cyber security certification program launches

Sypris Electronics, LLC, a subsidiary of Sypris Solutions, Inc. partnered with Career Technical Education Foundation, Inc. (CTEF) and The MITRE Corporation to develop, establish, and host a cyber security curriculum for local and national high school students. The curriculum was co-developed by Sypris, MITRE, and CTEF, and it is under evaluation by (ISC)². The training takes place in Sypris' Cyber Collaboration Center located in Tampa, Fla.

The two-week pilot program had 20 students enrolled from high schools representing three counties in Florida, as well as others outside the state. Students were selected based on their strong computer science backgrounds and interests. The course curriculum, based on cyber attack defense and offense methodologies and techniques, provides students with a broad base of cyber security foundations that can be used immediately and aid in the path of becoming a cyber security professional.

The course is being taught by a team of MITRE and Sypris computer scientists and is being audited by (ISC)² to validate the course maps to the (ISC)² SSCP common body of knowledge, a compendium of global information security topics. Students who successfully pass the program, along with a Systems Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP) certification exam, will become an Associate of (ISC)² toward the SSCP certification, an opportunity not currently available to any other high school students in the nation.

"There is no other cyber security curriculum available for secondary education anywhere in the country, and we are the first to make it available," said Paul Wahnish, president of CTEF. "Students are excited to learn from cyber experts in this new, real-world cyber lab. I would like to personally thank our partners for taking the initiative in helping to educate our future workforce."

"We are proud to have the opportunity to serve our community and stakeholders by providing this unique educational opportunity to future Cyber Warriors, both locally and across the nation," said John Walsh, president of Sypris Electronics.