May 2010

Shrimp Boil stirs up the fun in Delaware

In April, the ISA Wilmington Delaware Section held its annual Shrimp Boil at the offices of Applied Control Engineering in Newark, Del. The event had a great turnout.

The "Shrimp Masters" were Joe Gunn and Mike Scott. They began their preparation by dragging out the giant kettle, the propane tank, and the garden hose. Once the water was heating, they pulled out their batch recipe-handed down from Dan Roarty-and consulted batch records from past years, taking stock of the current weather conditions, which can affect the timing of the boil.

Gunn and Scott kept one eye on the clock so they added the potatoes, shrimp, kielbasa, corn, onions, hot dogs, and a little spice at just the right time for the Wilmington Shrimp Boil. The process usually takes about three hours on-site.

The Friends of the Shrimp and Boil Buddies provide the financial support to make this possible. Please review the list of sponsors on the back page of the attached newsletter.

Door prizes were given out at the event.

If you did not make it this year, put it on your calendar for April 2011, so you don't miss the festivities and food. Please e-mail Shawn Coughlan ( to get involved with the Wilmington Delaware Section.

Shrimp Masters, Joe Gunn (right) and Mike Scott, prepare the feast.


Members enjoy the Shrimp Boil food at the ISA Wilmington Delaware Section event.