July 2010

France forum sounds off on smart grids

The 5th Forum ISA-France, "Smart grids: automation, communications and cyber-security at the service of grid optimization," was held 15-16 June in Paris. Over 150 participants from various origins attended the event.

This forum helped to better understand all the expectations vis-à-vis "smart grids" and identify the key technologies to implement. While studies are numerous, implementations and returns of experience remain limited.

For France, the main objectives are:

  • A better management of transmission and distribution grids
  • An easier integration of wind farms and photovoltaic installations
  • The integration of charging stations for electric vehicles
  • The generalization of advanced metering systems (AMM), for which a pilot operation involving 300,000 meters is underway

Many speakers took turns at the podium, such as Wayne Manges, co-chair of the ISA100, Wireless Systems for Automation, committee.

ISA can play a major role in the field of smart grids thanks to its expertise in the fields of automation, radio communications, and cyber-security.

Visit ISA-France's web site for more information: http://isa-france.org/.


Panelists at the forum included (from left to right): Pascal Sokoloff, head of the Federation of grids owners (i.e., the cities); Sandrine Périno, in charge of smart grids at Cisco France; Jean-Pierre Hauet, president ISA-France; Marc Boillot, in charge of smart grids at ERDF (The French grid operator).