5 September 2008

September Products 4 U

Pressure controller/calibrator

The PPC4 pressure controller/calibrator, a high performance instrument designed to provide versatility and ease of use in calibration labs and manufacturing environments.
The DHI PPC4 covers the absolute range of 1 kPa (0.15 psi) to 10 MPa (1500 psi) and gauge equivalent including very low differential pressures.  With an emphasis on high-end performance, the DHI PPC4 minimizes measurement uncertainty while maximizing the ranges covered by a single controller. The DHI PPC4 includes exclusive, individually characterized, quartz reference pressure transducer (Q-RPT) modules for increased precision and reduced measurement uncertainty.  The AutoRange feature supports infinite ranging, automatically optimizing all aspects of operation for the exact range of the device being calibrated.  The DHI PPC4 enables users to select the user interface that best fits their application and budget. 

DHI/Fluke Corporation



Handheld mobile PC

The Toughbook CF-U1 is the first ultra mobile PC (UMPC) to integrate the new low power Intel Atom processor in a rugged handheld computer for use in the field.  With the introduction of CF-U1, remote workers are able to connect to critical information and applications in real time, improving organizational efficiency, increasing information accuracy, and enabling field-based decision-making.  The CF-U1 reinvents handheld computing by integrating robust features previously only available on a full size Toughbook PC in a rugged UMPC form factor that can be used anywhere. The CF-U1 features: Genuine Windows Vista  Business with Service Pack 1 (with XP downgrade option); 16GB solid state removable drive (32GB optional); 1GB memory; 5.6" WSVGA sunlight viewable touchscreen (1024 x 600 resolution); and anti-reflective screen treatment.

Panasonic Computer Solutions Company


Intrusion detector

A new intrusion detector based on Ultra Wideband (UWB) radio technology is now available. The device creates an "electromagnetic bubble," which totally surrounds an area. The range of the bubble is about 50 feet in diameter. The intrusion alarm is only issued at the edge of the bubble, and one can walk inside or outside the bubble without triggering the alarm. The detector uses Micropower Impulse Radar (MIR) techniques.  The unit can operate with batteries with output levels of 3 milliwatts.   Since it uses UWB technology it is virtually undetectable and can penetrate walls, concrete and other obstructions.  It is immune to jamming, detection and tampering from outside sources.



Magnetic level gauge/oversized chambers

A new array of oversized chambers for the KM26 Magnetic Level Gauge are available.  The KM26 is a rugged, non-contact, liquid level gauge designed for corrosive, flammable, and toxic environments. The magnetically coupled gauge avoids direct contact with liquids, thereby eliminating problems with coating, plating, fouling, fugitive emissions, hazardous material leaks, and dirty or colorless fluids, common with standard sight glasses. The new oversized chamber options provide extra clearance between the float and chamber wall. Guide rods are placed inside the chamber to keep the float's magnet near the indicator while providing a larger annulus. This allows vapor to pass when flashing occurs, alleviating the potential for erratic measurements and damaged floats. The oversized chambers can also be used for measuring very dirty fluids, where small, suspended solids can clog the chamber and potentially cause complications.



Sanitary pressure transducers

The sanitary pressure transducers utilize proven thin film technology and precision machining and electropolishing. This product has a NEMA 4X rated, all stainless steel construction for protection against falling dirt, rain, sleet, snow, windblown dust, splashing water, and corrosion, which makes this product a durable for industrial applications. The PX790 series meets 3A sanitary standards, which guarantees a smooth, flawless finish. The PX790 series is available with 0-5Vdc or 4-20 mA outputs and is ideal for dairy, food processing, pharmaceutical, and biotech applications. Price starts at $420

OMEGA Engineering Inc.