September 2008

Bush urges legislature to vote on drilling

When Congress returns from its August vacation, President George W. Bush wants them to make a decision on opening up heretofore no-drilling zones in the ocean and in the arctic.

Oil and Gas Journal reported Bush urged the Democratic congressional majority to schedule a vote on opening more of the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) to oil and gas leasing.

"Members have now had an opportunity to hear from their constituents, and if they listen carefully, I think they'll hear what I heard today: A lot of Americans from all walks of life wonder why we can't come together and get legislation necessary to end the ban on offshore drilling," Bush said following a White House meeting with the Coalition for Affordable American Energy.

He said he was joining U.S. House Republicans in urging House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to schedule an OCS vote as soon as possible.

Congress also should authorize leasing on the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge's coastal plain, development of federal oil shale leasing regulations, and incentives to expand US refining capacity as part of a comprehensive energy strategy that includes conservation, alternatives, and renewables, Bush said.