2 October 2008

October Products 4 U

4-20mA transmitter

The ACL Series of A.C. signal powered current loop transmitters for V, A, Hz, and W. The ACL uses the company's patent pending technique to extract the power from a current transformer (C.T.) or potential transformer (P.T.) without affecting the signal. The RMS-DC converter and 4-20mA sections are isolated from the user's existing P.T. & C.T. (typically 120VAC and 5A AC). The ACL comes with four relays for alarms of Hi and Lo limits for V, A, Hz, and W and serial communications (232, 485 or USB) and optional 4½ digit backlit display.



Thermal imagers

The i-Series thermal imaging cameras-the i40, i50, and i60-offer stand-out infrared diagnostic capabilities designed to help in-house plant maintenance, electrical and HVAC technicians, building inspectors, and pro thermographers find problems faster and more easily. The i-Series offers: Available FUSION scalable picture-in-picture that allows the user to precisely blend an IR image with a visual reference image on a large 3.5" color LCD; built-in visual camera offers up to 2.3 megapixel resolution with a built-in illuminator lamp; 2% accuracy and a thermal sensitivity of <0.1°C at 25°C; and infrared detectors ranging from 120x120, 140x140, to 180x180 pixels.

FLIR Systems, Inc.

Modular linear actuators

The ELZex Modular Linear Actuator series meets ATEX 95 explosion area testing certification for caustic environments.  The heavy-duty rodless design is belt-driven and features the industry's only anti-static HTD (High Torque Drive) belt on the market.  The design features stainless steel guide rods (modified from standard) that work in conjunction with adjustable track rollers to maintain consistent contact with the track; thus, preventing potentially explosive electric arcing discharge. Available in a wide-range of sizes (ELZex: 40 / 60 / 80 / 805 / 100 / 125), the explosion-proof series provides an exceptional performance solution for precision and commercial applications; offering flexibility with long travel, high speed, and the availability of high acceleration systems. 

Nook Industries, Inc.

Desktop interface

The Uniformance Process Studio is a desktop software package that allows plant engineers to more easily analyze process performance. The user-friendly interface includes workflow management applications that enable engineers to build trend graphs and graphics with minimal training or manual configuration. Uniformance Process Studio is designed for use with the Uniformance PHD, which gathers critical data from equipment and instrumentation located throughout a plant. In the event of a plant upset, for instance, users can pull historical data to examine how a certain unit functioned in the moments leading up to the incident and use that information to avoid future upsets.


Wireless transmitter

The DR9011 wireless transmitter provides analog and contact closure data transmission to a companion DR9021 where the data is recovered.  The analog data is recovered as two 4-20mA outputs and the switch data is provided by optically isolated NPN transistors outputs. The analog inputs available are dual channel DC voltage or currents, single channel RTD, or strain gauge bridge inputs.  The bridge version provides 10VDC precision excitation for up to four 330 ohm bridges.  For the single channel inputs, the two 4-20mA outputs are both proportional to the single input.

Wilkerson Instrument Company, Inc.