30 October 2008

October Products 4 U, 4th edition

Pressure calibrator

BetaGauge 330

The BetaGauge 330 has been engineered to put an end to the drudgery of using hand operated pumps for pressure calibration. The pressure calibrator is a small, lightweight handheld calibrator that generates pressures up to 150 PSIG (10 Bar/100 kPa) using a high performance integral electric pump. The BetaGauge 330 (patent pending) has a form factor only slightly larger than the BetaGauge 321 and weighs in at 2.5 pounds. The housing is contoured to easily fit a technician's hand with good balance top to bottom. The BetaGauge 330 provides ±0.025% of full scale accuracy on its internal, isolated pressure sensor.

Martel Electronics Corporation

Three-way valve

The Fisher GX 3-way control valve and actuator system has the ability to accurately control the temperature of water, oils, steam, and other industrial fluids. Applications include heat exchangers and lubricating skids. The flow cavity of the GX 3-Way valve body has been engineered to provide stable flow and reduce process variability. This linear stability is perfectly suited for temperature and pH control applications. The valve is multi-faceted in its ability to cover both flow mixing (converging) and flow splitting (diverging) applications with no extra parts needed. It features both side-port and bottom-port common trim.

Emerson Process Management

Digital gauge

The Model 1 Auto-Ranging Digital Gauge is the first to offer auto ranging digital gauge technology. This patent pending technology allows the gauge to span from absolute vacuum to 3,000psi while maintaining .1% of reading accuracy. The most common aspect to the East Hills Instruments family of brands is the fact that they have earned a reputation for being "virtually indestructible." The Model 1's other major design advantage is it is the only digital gauge to include a USB port for data logging and self diagnostic testing.

East Hills Instruments,Winchester Engineering

Output sensors

The Series EX64xB7x is a line of loop-powered 4-20 mA output sensors with a 1-inch NPT, 90° capped elbow conduit, which meets ATEX and CSA approval requirements for use in hazardous areas. Sensors operate from standard 24V loop power, making them directly compatible with existing PLCs, SCADA, DCS, and Plant Information (PI) systems, for continuous vibration monitoring of overall vibration levels on critical machinery in hazardous area application environments. Sensors are available with either acceleration or velocity outputs and in various amplitude ranges. Outputs of peak or RMS vibration can be selected, as well as optional temperature or raw vibration outputs.

IMI Sensors, PCB Piezotronics

Safety against arc flash hazards

A variety of products can be incorporated into electrical systems to help ensure safety against arc flash hazards. Among the new products are: External data pockets - These pockets, which are designed to hold system-related documentation, provide secure and easy access areas outside of the control panel. Data interface flaps - These modular interface flaps provide rapid system access via integrated USB, SUB-D9 RJ 45, and NEMA 5-15 sockets when needed. The affected enclosure remains closed and is thereby protected from ambient influences and unauthorized access. These flaps allow engineers to collect data, program drives and PLCs, and monitor the system without having to open the enclosure door and expose personnel to arc flash hazards.

Rittal Corporation

Micro X-ray fluorescence spectrometer

The Orbis micro-XRF elemental analyzer system incorporates a unique motorized turret that integrates video and X-ray optics allowing coaxial sample view and X-ray analysis. Two additional X-ray collimators can be added to the optical turret for a total of three X-ray beam sizes to expand Orbis' analytical capabilities beyond traditional micro-XRF analysis. The working distance also is increased to allow analysis over rough sample topography without sacrificing signal intensity. Primary beam filters can be used with a variety of X-ray optics to allow true XRF analytical capabilities in a micro-spot analysis. The Orbis system is available with mono-capillary optics or as the Orbis PC with an ultra high-intensity poly-capillary optic.


Dual-rotor turbine flowmeter

The DX-DL dual-rotor turbine flowmeter provides high accuracy, lower costs, and extended flow range performance not obtainable with traditional single-rotor turbine meters. As fluid passes through the meter, the dual rotors become hydraulically coupled due to their counter-rotation. This allows the rotors to overcome the inertia and drag that affects all single-rotor turbine flowmeters. The extra flow range capability often eliminates the need for manifold systems. Additional benefits are found in the use of helical rotors. Helical rotors are designed to minimize the resistance to flow, while imparting flow energy to the blades evenly. 

Exact Flow

Batch control

CENTUM VP for batch control provides features and functions suitable for the chemical, specialty chemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries, and any other batch applications. Based upon ISA88 and IEC61512 standards, the batch functionality provides recipe management and process management functions layered upon the unit supervision and process control activities within CENTUM VP. As with its predecessor, CENTUM CS Batch 3000, the function of unit supervision is a standard feature of the CENTUM VP system and is tightly integrated with the controller and operator interface. One enhancement to CENTUM VP for batch is the configurable unit faceplate that allows monitoring and execution of the batch utilizing a unique interface. 

Yokogawa Corporation of America