October 2008

ISA EXPO 2008 event products

Wireless & Networking

Waterproof panel PC

The traditional human machine interface has always had problems protecting against water and dust. The FOX Series has 6 facets of IP65 protection, fanless computing, and a sun-light readable screen. It is ideal for indoor, semi-outdoor, marine, or vehicle applications.

Aaeon Systems Inc.

Booth 2722

Device servers

The EKI-1000 family of Serial Device Servers allows RS-232/422/485 devices to be remotely monitored, managed, and controlled over Ethernet and IP networks.  Wired models feature redundant 10/100Mbps Ethernet ports with automatic backup.  With an ultra fast round-trip latency of less than 10 milliseconds, polling rates can be increased, and serial protocol timing is not a problem.

Advantech eAutomation Group

Booth 1955

Wireless adapter

AirSprite's Wireless Adapter sets free trapped intelligent HART data to dramatically improve plant operations. Our adapters can connect anywhere on a 4-20 mA loop to immediately retrofit existing HART devices for wireless transmission of intelligent data to critical plant and enterprise applications, such as plant asset management (PAM), process monitoring, plant historians, energy management and environmental compliance monitoring.

AirSprite Technologies

Booth 1216

Wireless gateway

Featuring Safety Triad technology offers supreme reliability, security, and safety in demanding industrial environments. The Safety Triad feature incorporates three critical safety elements: watchdog, wireless RC, and fieldbus gateways, promoting safety by providing an integrated wireless hardware/software package to maintain data integrity. Configurable for a variety of fieldbus protocols, the Safety Triad also highlights flexibility.

Control Chief Corporation

Booth 1309

Location systems

Ekahau offers Real-Time Location Systems over existing Wi-Fi networks. User benefits are better asset management, better workflow, and improved safety and security. Our software is embedded in many products and appliances making them out-of-the-box locatable. We will do a "live" demonstration of our location technology.

Ekahau, Inc.

Booth 1509

Wireless communication

WirelessHART Communication, the new interoperable wireless standard for the process industries. Whether wired or wireless, HART enabled devices communicate valuable information including multi-variable process data, diagnostic alerts and device status information. Discover the benefits of this game-changing technology by adding a WirelessHART adapter to one of your installed HART devices.

HART Communication Foundation

Booths 1132, 1133


The Anybus X-gateways consists of 170 different models to connect almost any combination of two industrial networks.  The gateways support 17 networks such as Profibus, DeviceNet, Modbus, ControlNet, and CC-Link and flavors of industrial Ethernet.  The Anybus X-gateways are designed for facilities where many different industrial networks are in use.

HMS Industrial Networks Inc.

Booth 1325

Rugged, industrial keyboards

iKey presents the new membrane series of industrial keyboards at booth 1610. These rugged keyboards withstand the harshest of environments. They are manufactured using a hardcoated, textured, polyester film, and Trampoline Mounted snap-dome switches that provide excellent tactile feedback. iKey will also feature wireless, industrial keyboard products.

iKey, LTD

Booth 1610

Industrial Ethernet

Kazio Networks provides turnkey engineering services in Industrial Ethernet infrastructure design, analysis, maintenance, management, and compliancy for wired/ wireless based systems. We put the "Industrial" in Ethernet. Specializing in the discrete and process industries, our methodology can help reduce your costs and increase network productivity.

Kazio Networks

Booth 1206

Optic cables

For over 20 years, Optical Cable Corporation has been a leading manufacturer of fiber optic cables for high bandwidth transmission of data, video, and audio communications over moderate distances worldwide. These rugged tightbound cables are designed for campus applications both indoors and outdoors, simplifying installation, reducing costs, and improving reliability.

Optical Cable Corporation

Booth 1617

Slave controller

Based on the VPC3+CLF with known characteristics (DP-V0/V1/V2 functions, 4Kb RAM, 5V/3.3V power supply), the VPC3+CLF3 offers "time synchronization" and reduced power consumption in comparison to existing components. Profichip GmbH offers the only "pure" Slave Controller with this function scope pin-compatible to the SPC3 from Siemens.

Profichip GmbH

Booth 1331

Serial radio transceiver

It includes three serial data ports in one radio, with up to three simultaneous connections and protocols. The SEL-3031 is designed and tested for operation through extreme temperatures, RFI, electrical surges, vibration, and more. Plug-in cryptographic option protects critical data with session authentication and strong 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption.

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.

Booth 2216

HMI software

Design your HMI/SCADA application the old way, the hard way, the wrong way OR the InstantHMI way.  With InstantHMI's New Project Wizard, your HMI application (Windows PC/CE/Mobile/SmartPhone) practically designs itself.  Go from Installation to Communication with controllers (serial, Ethernet, wireless, TCP/IP, OPC, EtherNet/IP, ActiveX etc.) in less than 10 minutes.

Software Horizons Inc.

Booth 1635

Fast Ethernet switch

The SISTP10xx-141-LR(T) is a ruggedized, unmanaged Fast Ethernet switch with POE that is designed to provide fiber connectivity with the additional capability of powering wireless access points, voice over IP phones and IP security, and surveillance cameras that may be located in remote, outdoor, or factory floor locations.

Transition Networks

Booth 1619

Ethernet extender

Westermo DDW-220-Ethernet extender with a built-in four-port switch. Existing twisted pair cables can be used for high speed remote connection between two Ethernet networks. Transfer rates up to 5.7 Mbits/s, operating distance up to 10 kilometres. Easy-to-install alternative to fiber optic or radio systems when linking remote Ethernet networks.

Westermo Teleindustri AB

Booth 1401