October 2008

ISA EXPO 2008 event products


Open path detector

ChemSight open path detector identifies multiple chemical threats and concentration levels in less than one second. ChemSight reliably monitors lines of sight up to 120 meters and operates indoors or out. No regular maintenance is required and upgrades are accomplished online. ChemSight integrates into standard security network systems (www.avirsensors.com).

Avir Sensors

Booth 2823

LED illuminators

Jerguson NightStar illuminators are for use with its Magnicator II magnetic liquid level gages. An array of bright LEDs continually shine on the gage's magnetic flag indicators to provide high contrast, 24 hour visibility in no-light or low-light environments. Operators can increase safety by easily and reliably verifying liquid levels, minimizing time spent in process areas.

Clark-Reliance Corporation

Booth 2742

Seating solutions

Ergonomic Office Chairs is a leading provider of 24/7, intensive use seating solutions for monitoring, surveillance, emergency communications operations, control rooms, and other severe duty applications.  Born out of the heavy equipment and automotive industries, we offer best in class and value for a variety of user statures. 

Ergonomic Office Chairs

Booth 1253

Purge, pressurization systems

Expo Technologies offers a complete range of purge and pressurization control systems certified to North American standards (FM, cULus), as well as global requirements (IECEx, ATEX). The MiniPurgeT product line is ideal for many industries and applications.  For more information on these products, go to:  www.expoworldwide.com

Expo Technologies, Inc.

Booth 1760

Fixed gas detectors

The GASMAX family of fixed gas detectors are now available with integrated 900MHz and 2.4GHz wireless modems for deployment worldwide. GASMAX monitors sense a wide range of toxic and combustible gases using electrochemical, catalytic bead, infrared and PID sensors. For more information, go to www.gdscorp.com.

GDS Corp

Booth 1705

Uninterrupted safety system

HIMax is the first safety system designed for uninterrupted operation throughout the life of a processing facility. Revolutionary Nonstop XMR technology delivers maximum availability, productivity and SIL 3 safety integrity. HIMax's fault-tolerant architecture eliminates false trips while allowing unlimited changes, upgrades and testing without taking the plant off-line.

HIMA Americas

Booth 1724

Universal transmitter

Honeywell Analytics introduces the XNX, a universal transmitter that supports a comprehensive range of sensors (cat bead, infrared, electrochemical) used by Honeywell gas detectors. The XNX includes standard HART communications, optional FieldBus, Modbus, or up to three relays.  The XNX reduces maintenance costs and is user friendly.

Honeywell Analytics

Booth 1628

Docking station

What if you could maintain and manage your fixed-point gas monitor fleet without leaving your desk? iTrans DS2 automates calibration, record-keeping, and instrument diagnostics. Hands-off maintenance and a snapshot view of your entire gas monitor fleet allow you to maintain your gas monitors more safely, efficiently and reliably and eliminate equipment reliability and safety concerns.

Industrial Scientific Corporation

Booth 2648

Magnetostrictive transmitters

Measuring the level of liquids in storage tanks and production vessels is made simple and reliable with K-TEK's AT100/200 Magnetostrictive Transmitters. The highly accurate transmitter, 0.01% of full scale, is the first of its kind to be certified to IEC61508 for use in Safety Implement Systems as a 1oo1 device where a rating of SIL 2 is required.

K-TEK Corp.

Booth 2232

Ground testing service

Smart Ground Testing Service evaluates the safety and integrity of complex grounding systems, even when energized. Unlike the outdated FOP test, Smart Ground analyzes real-world measurements against an ideal computer model of the system being tested. Smart Ground provides expert recommendations based on test findings, safety standards, and operating requirements.

Lightning Eliminators & Consultants, Inc.

Booth 1242

Overload current control

The intelligent LOCC-BOX: Lutze Overload Current Control has 24V DC circuits under control. As capacitive loads and overload conditions make circuit breakers fumble, the LOCC-Box goes for the touchdown. Selectable loads, trip curves, and modular and flexible design are only a few of the advantages of the innovative LOCC-Box.


Booth 1820

Flame detectors

The Phoenix Triple IR Flame Detectors are superior and affordable, multi-spectrum Infrared flame detectors designed for high-risk industrial installations and extreme environments. No external reflector - eliminates errors, cleaning, replacement; automatic digital zoom - greatly reduces false alarms; global certifications; high sensitivity with fast response.

Net Safety Monitoring Inc

Booth 1349

Purge indicators, controllers

Purge Solutions is committed to providing innovative and reliable type "Y" & "Z" purge indicators and type "X" purge controllers.  All models can be configured to be either leakage compensation or continuous flow units.  All Purge Solutions models are certified ATEX, IECEx, NEC / NFPA and CE marked for Zone and Division gas and dust hazardous area installation and use.

Purge Solutions

Booth 2766

Critical control, safety system

RTP Corporation presents the RTP 3000, a new Critical Control and Safety System, featuring SIL-1 through SIL-3 ratings in an SIS that can be configured for simplex, dual redundant, or TMR configurations. The 3000 offers the user increased ease of use and increased availability over previous SIS systems.

RTP Corporation

Booth 1254

Open path gas detectors

Simu-Gas eliminates in-field gas testing of SenseLine ELDS gas detectors. Simu-Gas provides the long sought-after ability to accomplish remote functional testing of open path gas detectors from a remote PLC safety control center or PDA. This labor-saving test method is based on the company's Enhanced Laser Diode Spectroscopy (ELDS) technology.

Senscient, Inc.

Booth 1764

Gas detectors, analyzers

The gas detectors and analyzers feature: "Ventless" Process Gas Analyzers for CO2, HC, H2O; "Gas Free" SEC 3000 Gas Detectors Calibration; "Wireless" SEC 3500 HMI Ethernet connectivity communication; and "Memory Stick" SEC 3100 Transmitter with data logging. Many more innovative features-visit our booth 2550 to see more.

Sensor Electronics Corporation

Booth 2550

eSOMS Suite

The Ventyx eSOMS Suite is designed to provide a consistent, organized, and integrated approach to those activities which affect equipment configuration, system status, and hence plant operation. A mission-critical application suite, eSOMS users rely on the suite to ensure the safe, efficient, and reliable operation and maintenance of their facility assets.


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