October 2008

ISA EXPO 2008 event products

Process Automation

(companies A thru M)

Power systems

The Astra industrial AC and DC power systems are engineered to supply clean continuous power in conditions ranging from everyday power fluctuations to catastrophic power failure. Systems are designed with state of the art IGBT technology and ergonomics, providing a complete AC and DC backup power system.

Alpha Industrial Power

Booth 1658

Rugged, reliable instrumentation

AquaMetrix Inc. has been manufacturing rugged and reliable instrumentation for more than 50 years. We have developed an international reputation for manufacturing quality instrumentation and sensors for nuclear power, water, waste water, and industrial applications. Our pH, ORP, Conductivity, Resistivity, Dissolved Oxygen and Flow instruments are designed for ease of use and are rugged enough for the toughest applications.

AquaMetrix, Inc.

Booth 1758

Fittings, tubing, accessories

Ark-Plas Products, Inc. specializes in manufacturing precision fittings, tubing, and accessories for applications such as pneumatics, automation, hydraulics, medical devices, irrigation, and many more. Our company currently offers over 7,500 different products. Ark-Plas Products looks forward to seeing you at ISA. Make sure you check us out at booth 2911.

Ark-Plas Products, Inc.

Booth 2911

Pressure transmitters

The new Ashcroft GC51 and GC52 gauge and wet-or-dry differential pressure transmitters offer an economical alternative to network process transmitters when a digital protocol is not required. An ultra-compact NEMA 4X/IP65 enclosure measures only 2.65" in diameter and includes an LCD display along with a 4-20mA output for both local indication and remote signaling.

Ashcroft Inc.

Booth 1732

Recycling program

Automation Service is helping preserve the environment plant-by-plant.  We offer a unique recycling program in which you'll earn 1,000% more yield than mere scrapping. Qualified participants are sent a bin, place your items in the bin, call us when it's full and we'll come pick it up.  It's that simple! 

Automation Service

Booth 2305


Autrol America Inc. is introducing the Autrol "Smart" Transmitters for process measurements requiring high degree of accuracy, reliability, and long term stability. The Autrol range includes a diverse portfolio of "intelligent" high performance transmitters for temperature, gauge, absolute, vacuum and differential pressure measurements for standalone monitoring or closed loop control applications. 

Autrol America Inc.

Booth 1228

Optical oxygen analyzer

The 4401 Oxy Optical Oxygen Analyzer, using Fluorescence Quenching technology, measuring dissolved and gaseous oxygen down to 1 ppb/1 ppm, respectively.  Designed for oxygen measurements in your process, it is not affected by flow, pressure, or vacuum.  A complete series of process fittings are available, including high pressure. 

Barben Analyzer Technology

Booth 2834

Documenting process calibrator

The Beamex MC4 is a new compact-sized documenting process calibrator. Being a multifunction calibrator, the MC4 is suitable for calibrating various process parameters, such as pressure, temperature and electrical signals.

Beamex, Inc.

Booth 2516

Ethernet TCP/IP controllers

In order to provide a leading array of small, flexible PLCs, Beckhoff Automation has announced new models in its Ethernet TCP/IP controller family. Beckhoff's BC9000 and BX9000 series Ethernet PLCs for the Bus Terminal I/O system are now complemented with the new BC9120, BC9020 and BC9050 variants.

Beckhoff Automation

Booth 2505

Speed, length measurement

Beta LaserMike will be showing its LaserSpeed Non-Contact Speed and Length Measurement device. Thousands of LaserSpeeds have been installed in many applications around the world, increasing manufactures profits. See how the increased accuracy and permanent calibration of the LaserSpeed can increase your profits. Stop by our booth for a

Beta LaserMike

Booth 1770

Hybrid ultrasonic flowmeter

Sonic-Pro S3 Hybrid Ultrasonic Flowmeter is shipped in hard sided case measuring 19" wide, 8" high, 14" deep. Weight with flowmeter 22 lb. Sonic-Pro S3 package includes: Case; flowmeter; Instructional CD in English, Spanish, French, German; transducer and enclosure mounting hardware; two sets transducer acoustic mounting gaskets, for temporary installations and permanent installations.

Blue-White Industries

Booth 2005

SUPERC analyzer

Key Features for the SUPERC AMF include: Ultra simple and error-proof operation; mass-flow controlled for optimum accuracy and repeatability; versatile sample Input (such as Gas Cylinder; Gas Bag; and Liquid (LPG) with vaporizer unit); built-in control of CI's Model 960 AMF; and multiple injection modes.

C.I. Analytics

Booth 2311

Industrial optical cables

Corning Cable Systems introduces its suite of industrial optical cables, including the industry's most extensive offering of tray-rated, low-smoke/zero-halogen optical cables. Corning's LSZH Industrial Cables are flame-retardant and test verified to meet the specific mechanical and environmental conditions of many industrial applications.

Corning Cable Systems

Booth 1501


The Accu-Cab is a great solution for managing kits at point-of-use, tracking the usage of durable items, or tracking maintenance items to work orders and tasks. The only additional step to employees is identifying who they are by a password on the touch screen or a bar-code scan. No inventory to scan or transactions to log. Transactions are automatically recorded when inventory is removed from the cabinet.  Door may also have the added option for clear windows.

CribMaster/WinWare, Inc.

Booths 3049, 3051

Calibration system

CrystalCalXP is a portable gauge and transmitter calibration system that is seven to 10 times faster than a deadweight tester. It eliminates transcription errors, 0.1% of reading accuracy from 100-10000 PSI, easy to use wizard-based setup, includes a weather-proof hard carrying case with rolling wheels. Total weight is 35 lbs.

Crystal Engineering

Booth 2727

Testing, certification

CSA International is a provider of product testing and certification services for electrical, mechanical, plumbing, gas and a variety of other products.   CSA International is a division of CSA Group, which also includes CSA, a developer of standards and codes. At ISA EXPO we will be promoting our electrical product certification services. 

CSA International

Booth 2101

PLC program

PLCs survive in harsh environments. The PLCs program in Ladder Logic with Function Block was designed with PLC on a Chip technology. In addition to the sealed enclosure, features include analog and digital I/O, high-speed counters, and PWM outputs capable of direct control of proportional valves and subfractional horsepower DC motors.

Divelbiss Corporation

Booth 2025

Volume chambers

Unlike comparable volume chambers on the market, the Magnum Low Pro M-80 is far superior in performance, reliability and design. Its range is from near absolute 30"Hg to 80psi with a very high resolution 0.0005psi. The M-80's is the only volume chamber to use a patented power drive system to rapidly span the range.

East Hills Instruments

Booth 2217

Mass spectrometers

The Extrel MAX300 series Mass Spectrometers are the seventh generation of high performance, online quadrupole mass spectrometers. The MAX300 provides real time gas analysis and is suitable for a variety of applications including: ammonia, ethylene, ethylene oxide, ambient air monitoring, steel BOP/VOD, pharmaceutical fermentation control, and pharmaceutical solvent drying.

Extrel CMS

Booth 1932

Data acquisition

SolutioNet 101.1 system uses a blend of wired, wireless, modem, satellite, or Internet capabilities to communicate essential information to wherever it is needed-if only across the plant, or even around the world. SolutioNet open architecture works with any brand of wireless device. FEDDWireless has this capability, today.

FEDDWireless LLC

Booth 1422

Mounting flanges

Fibox Enclosures expands its ARCA enclosure product line with the addition of optional mounting flanges. Mounting flanges, used in pairs, are available for all seven ARCA enclosure sizes and can be used to allow the box to be mounted in both normal portrait orientation and in landscape orientation.

Fibox Enclosures

Booth 2432

Electric pressure calibrator

Forget the hassle of hand pumping! Save time and money with the new Fluke 719 Electric Pressure Calibrator with an innovative built-in electric pump. Now you can calibrate and test pressure devices quickly and easily with one hand. Best in class measurement accuracy enables the 719 to calibrate modern high accuracy pressure transmitters with confidence.

Fluke Corporation

Booths 2534, 2535

Industrial meter family

At Great Plains Industries, we've built rugged, reliable, meters for nearly 30 years. The GPI Industrial Meter family includes a full line of meters in various materials, sizes, and fitting options. Our Precision Meter line includes 3A Rated meters. We provide complimentary lines of oval gear, turbine, and economy meters in a wide selection of sizes and materials.

Great Plains Industries

Booth 1926

Wireless access point/client

The BAT54-F ruggedized IP67 industrial wireless LAN Access Point/Client has two independent radio modules, a -20ºC to +55ºC operational temperature range, multiple redundant 24VDC power options excellent reliability, and cutting-edge authentication and encryption technologies.  The BAT can operate in access point, bridge, router, point-to-point, client, client-bridge modes and even redundant wireless (mesh) networks when high availability is a priority.

Hirschmann Automation and Control

Booth 1523

Operator control stations

Horner APG designs and manufactures Operator Control Stations (OCS) that combine an operator interface, I/O, and networking into an integrated "all-in-one" controller. Available models include graphic, touch, or color touch OCS with outdoor-readable displays. Our remote access software allows users to view and access remote OCS controllers via a PC.

Horner APG, LLC

Booth 1931

Remote digital potentiometer

The remote digital potentiometer is designed to replace multi control components. It features programmable 12 bit resolution, 4 digit display, Start/Stop/Forward/Reverse. High impact plastic cases, NEMA 4x Gasket, 0-50 deg C operating temperature. Designed for "drop-in" replacements to many VFD manufacturers that use an analog output. Available in most AC/DC Auxiliary power ranges.

Hoyt Electrical Instrument Works

Booth 1909


GENESIS64 is ICONICS' 64-bit-optimized, OPC-integrated, Web-enabled HMI/SCADA suite, designed and certified for Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008. GENESIS64 is comprised of GraphWorX64 vector-based design; AlarmWorX64 alarm management; TrendWorX64 real-time and historical data trending/3D viewer; EarthWorX GIS/SCADA system; Hyper Historian high-speed plant historian; and a Workbench for centralized configuration.



Ball valves

Inline's 334 series ball valve incorporates several innovative design features for improved process performance. High-cycle live loaded stem packing and direct mount actuation along with a variety of seat options, makes this ball valve a wise choice for your process.  Visit us at www.ballvalve.com for additional information.

Inline Industries, Inc.

Booth 2009

Power supplies

New KDN series of low cost, UL 508 listed, DIN-Rail mounted power supplies consist of three 24 Volt output models rated at 5, 10 and 20 Amps. Offering: 90-264V a-c input, PFC, 23-29 Volt adjustment range, 120% peak current capability for up to one minute with no forced air cooling.

Kepco, Inc.

Booth 2504

Sampling pumps

KNF's air and gas diaphragm sampling pumps feature 400°F heated-heads and heat-resistant models in aluminum or 316SS. Several methods of temperature control are available, including a mechanical, head-mounted thermostat, or a new, programmable electronic control that can be programmed, controlled and the head temperature recorded by a remote PC's RS-232 interface.

KNF Neuberger, Inc.

Booth 1449

Arctic grade cables

LEONI Kerpen ICON Instrumentation cables Arctic Grade are suitable for installation at temperatures down to -30°C without necessity of pre-heating of cables, in combination with excellent fire protection behavior. In addition to excellent cold flexible behavior during installation, cables are guaranteed in service at temperatures down to -60°C.

LEONI Kerpen GmbH

Booth 2734

Handheld calibrator

The revolutionary BetaGauge 330 by Martel offers electrically powered pressure generation in a handheld calibrator. At 2.5 pounds, the lightweight calibrator offers accuracy of ±0.025% FS. Vacuum to 150 PSI pressure is generated with the press of a switch. NIST certificate, batteries, test hose, instruction manual and case are included.

Martel Electronics Corporation

Booth 1816


7Max Machinery Inc. has expanded its popular G Series, flowmeter lineup with the addition of two new flowmeters, the G004 and G015, with maximum flow rates of 4 L/min and 15 L/min respectively. Each has +/- 0.3% of reading accuracy across a 200:1 flow range.

Max Machinery, Inc

Booth 1548

Self-checking flowmeter

The new SMARTLINK Meter is one of the only self-checking flowmeters in its class. Offering precise, mass flow measurement for fuel, air,and combustion streams, SMARTLINK Meter displays accurate flow measurement, over a wide turn down range, with no moving parts. SMARTLINK Meter is sure to give customers the winning edge in efficiency.

MAXON Corporation

Booth 1708

Pressure controller

The Mensor CPC3000 is a compact, light weight, high speed precision pressure calibrator/controller with gauge, absolute and bidirectional ranges up to 1000 psi, an optional barometric reference for emulation, and accuracy of 0.025%FS. Applications include high speed calibration and testing of pressure gauges and transducers. 

Mensor Corporation

Booth 2211

Dewpoint transmitter

Michell Instruments features its new Easidew TX I.S. Dewpoint Transmitter offering high performance measurements in FM, CSA, and ATEX certified environments from -150 to +70ºF and up to 5800psi. NEMA 4 and HDPE construction suitable for moisture control/measurement in virtually all processes and environments. Unique maintenance exchange program.

Michell Instruments, Inc.

Booth 2624

HMI design product

Status Vision Designer is a powerful .NET 3.5 HMI design product with built-in connectivity to real-time data from any data source. Status can create standalone Windows applications, xbaps, or Silverlight applications and gives you a new, feature-rich environment that is far more accessible, flexible, and streamlined than standard HMI development.

Mobiform Software, Inc.

Booth 2948


Intrinsically Safe Speed Sensors certified for North America (CSA with NRTL/C) and Europe (ATEX 94/9/EC) are now available in standard models as well as custom versions, even for low volume applications. Certified versions include Variable Reluctance, Hall Effect, RF, and Active Sensors, as well as stand-alone preamplifiers.

Motion Sensors, Inc.

Booth 1960

Unmanaged switch

Moxa's EDS-G308 unmanaged switch has eight Gigabit Ethernet ports, two of which can be designated for fiber optics. The built-in relay warning function alerts when power failures/port breaks occur. There are two models, one with an operating temperature of 0°C to 60°C, and another from the -40°C to 75°C range.


Booth 1116