October 2008

ISA EXPO 2008 event products

Process Automation

(Part 2: companies N thru Z)

Control system software

With LabVIEW 8.6, engineers can design advanced control systems using programmable automation controllers (PACs) based on FPGAs. LabVIEW 8.6 simplifies programming of the NI CompactRIO control and acquisition system by integrating a scanning I/O architecture that provides submicrosecond I/O determinism with the ability to customize the FPGA for high-performance control and signal processing.

National Instruments

Booth 2242

Efficient cooling

Noren Products manufactures air-to-air and air-to-water heat exchangers for cooling electrical panels without letting contaminants inside (including washdown, and hazardous location). Compact cabinet coolers prevent failures/downtime caused by overheating electronics. Noren units are easy to install, low maintenance, freon free and cost a fraction of air-conditioning.  Nema 12, 4, 4x, Stainless Steel, UL Listed/508A, CUL, CE available.

Noren Products

Booth 2010

Pressure transmitter

The Integra Series 575 is a two wire, 4 to 20mA pressure transmitter offering superb chemical and corrosion resistance. Gauge or absolute pressure is detected using a four active arm strain gauge bridge sensor, fused to a high purity ceramic diaphragm. The unit can be factory scaled to customer requirements.

North American Sensors Corporation

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Pressure switch

NOSHOK introduces the 800 Series Pressure Switch that incorporates an electronic pressure switch/pressure transducer combination with local LED indication and analog output. The unit provides continuous pressure monitoring and allows for simple programming of the set points, via the two membrane keys, without having to pressurize the unit.


Booth 2529

HMI platforms

Ocular's custom HMI platforms combine Ocular's core competencies of LCD, touch screen and embedded processor with cost-effective manufacturing. As complete solutions provider (concept, design, manufacturing), Ocular's highly customizable, flexible and ruggedized HMI platforms are optimized for cost, functionality, and ease-of-use in a wide variety of industrial applications.


Booth 1953

Radar level gauge

The VEGAPULS 67 is a lightweight, compact radar level gauge engineered to measure solids and low dK products. It utilizes a sealed antenna that offers protection from condensation and dirt while delivering maximum performance. The VEGAPULS 67 can measure through dust, vapor, and foam, making low range ultrasonic gauges obsolete.

Ohmart/VEGA Corporation

Booth 2342

Density meters

Omnicraft has now perfected both a high pressure (up to 20,000 PSI) and a low pressure (up to 1,500 PSI) 4" vibrating tube density meter with all of the density measurement problems solved and without any nuclear materials used in their manufacture.  For more information, visit our web site www.ocmeter.com.   


Booth 2206

RTD temperature-indicating device

The Wahl DST600 Digital RTD Process Thermometers are for food canning retorts, dairy, USDA, pharmaceutical, and other temperature critical applications where reliability and proven accuracy is a must. Patent-pending self-testing circuitry continuously verifies the electronics ensuring accurate readings. Probe Authorization verifies only the authorized probe is connected to the meter.

Palmer Wahl

Booth 2551

Field termination assemblies

The VARIOFACE Professional field termination assemblies (FTAs) and rugged cables offer fast, fault-free wire management from field wiring to process or motion controllers. Featuring a contemporary industrial design, the VARIOFACE Professional FTAs are available in ribbon, D-sub, OEM controller-specific, and power distribution versions. 

Phoenix Contact

Booth 2032

Electroluminescent display

Planar's unique Electroluminescent (EL) display technology is relevant for today's embedded display solutions. The performance and visual characteristics of high-performance EL displays make it an ideal solution for the most demanding applications. Electroluminescent displays fulfill the growing demands for improved image quality, longer lifetime and higher reliability.

Planar Systems, Inc.

Booth 1904


Primary Flow Signal manufactures differential pressure flowmeters and turbine flowmeters for Industrial, Power, Oil & Gas, and Municipal Water and Wastewater application.  PFS products include Venturi Flowmeters, Flow Nozzles, ASME PTC-6 Flow Nozzle Test Sections, Wedge Type Flowmeters, and Turbine Flowmeters.  Bruce Briggs T. 401-461-6366 www.primaryflowsignal.com

Primary Flow Signal

Booth 2067

Level technology

MAG-GAGEr by Process Level Technology-THE NAME SAYS IT ALL. Industrial Grade Level Instrumentation, magnetic liquid level gages, and level controls. For more information, visit www.mag-gage.com.

Process Level Technology, Ltd.

Booth 2519

Measurement solutions

PMC is an internationally recognized company that provides reliable solutions for the measurement of pressure, level and vacuum. Our STS division specializes in the manufacture of high performance pressure sensors used in gas/oil exploration, offshore, environmental and a wide range of test applications, particularly in the automotive and aerospace sectors.

Process Measurement & Controls, Inc

Booth 2622

Electric actuators

Versatile, rugged, industrial quarter-turn actuators for on/off, jog, or proportional control of valves and dampers. Dependable, smooth-running, virtually "bulletproof." Many industry-first features include simplified wiring, advanced proportional control, and single-handed positioning during a power failure. NEMA 4/4X; CSA; CE Certified. Torque Range 135-40, 500 lbs.

ProMation Engineering, Inc.

Booth 2304

Master, slave modules

ProSoft Technology's PROFIBUS DP V1 Master and Slave modules are backplane-compatible with the CompactLogix platform. Master provides 204 words input / 240 words output. Supports I/O control and CIP messaging. Master DTM included for FDT Asset Management, supporting PACTware, FieldCare, and more. PROFIBUS certified, Encompass Approved.

ProSoft Technology, Inc.

Booth 1334

Ethernet cables

Manufactures DataMax  Extreme high flex life, Ethernet cables that withstand repeated bending, weld splatter, UV rays, solvents and crushing.  The product resists cut through, tearing, and abrasions while retaining the round profile necessary to pressure over-mold connectors or provide water tight field repair using lock nut connectors with O-ring seals.

Quabbin Wire & Cable Co., Inc.

Booth 2404

Unified process control execution

AgileOps is the industry's first unified process control execution environment. The multi-user interface integrates with our display library, providing a same-look view and control of the whole operation. It improves ease of use, lowers training costs, and eliminates redundant data entry across systems. It is the only complete alarm management solution. 

ProSys, Inc.

Booth 2503

Electric actuator

Rotork has launched a new electric actuator for the operation of process control valves. The Rotork CVA range provides continuous, repeatable modulating control with a programmable fail to position option. The CVA is engineered to deliver high precision valve positioning and facilitate the tightest possible tolerances on the process variable, enabling process quality and output to be optimized.

Rotork Controls, Inc.

Booth 1900

Smart valve management

You are sure to have the competitive edge in the U.S. and international marketplaces with SAMSON positioners. With over 1,000,000 already sold, SAMSON provides a wide range of positioners and is a leading supplier of sophisticated valve technology. SAMSON covers everything from pneumatic or digital and bus-compatible state-of-the-art positioners to top-grade accessory equipment.

Samson Controls, Inc.

Booth 1842

USB serial adapters

The SeaLINK 2433 and 2833 USB serial adapters provide four or eight serial ports via USB and are ideal for rugged, industrial environments. Each port is software configurable for RS-232, RS-422, or RS-485 and electrical interface settings are maintainable across multiple computers.

Sealevel Systems, Inc.

Booth 2653

Pressure transducers, sensors

The 6-Series Pressure Transducers and Pressure Sensors utilize a micro-machined silicone pressure sensor. These units are uniquely designed for use in a broad variety of applications. We offer pressure ranges from 5 to 5000 PSI, various electrical connection and electrical outputs. ISO 9001:2000 and AS9100:2004 Certified.

Sensor Systems

Booth 2204

Electronic components accessories

As a company established in 2001, we are specialized in manufacturing and dealing with large scale, integrated electronic components accessories. Our products includes wiring duct, AC cooling fan, din rail, and ventilator filter units. As a company that has been granted ISO9001 Quality Management System certification, we have built our own brand, KAKU, successfully.

Shanghai KAKU Electric Equipment Corp.

Booth 2552

Gas chromatographs

The Maxum edition II and MicroSAM gas chromatographs from Siemens bring state-of-the-art technology in networking, software, and analytical hardware to the online process industries.  Key attributes are airless ovens, parallel chromatography and modularity leading to simplicity, and ease of maintenance resulting in low cost of ownership.

Siemens Energy & Automation, Inc.

Booth 1534

Labeling, identification

When it comes to labeling and identification, Silver Fox makes it easy. download our Labacus Innovator software from www.silfox.com then print the labels through any standard laser printer. To see how easy labelling can be and to pre-view our new 'Plug'N'Play' Thermal printer (for heat-shrink). See us at booth 1903.

Silver Fox Ltd.

Booth 1903

Sulfur analyzer

The SPECTRO 682T-HP on-line sulfur analyzer is ideal for high sulfur level, heavy hydrocarbon applications such as crude, bunker fuels, residumms, residual oils and semi-refined oils. Perfect for blending operations, incoming/outgoing QC monitoring and interface monitoring.



Enclosure line

If the enclosure was not built to withstand the environment, our UPS components could be easily exposed causing total failure of our customers' critical equipment.  Early in our search for the best enclosure, a trusted supplier recommended that we explore the non-metallic DiamondShield enclosure line from Stahlin.

Solis Energy, Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosures

Booth 1649

AC-DC power supplies

TDK-Lambda Genesys Series of AC-DC Power Supplies now has the highest density with 5kW in 2U. Output 0 to 600VDC, 0-1,000A making the most complete set of platforms with identical user interfaces . Platforms include 750W, 1500W, 3.3/5kW and 10/15kW. Also optional LXI Certified LAN interface provides flexible system integration and functionality.


Booth 1860

Interface level gauge

Optimize delayed coking operations with the Thermo Scientific KRILPRO. Reliable and efficient, this advanced interface level gauge features an extremely small, ALARA-compliant source (100 mCi.3.7 GBq AmBe 241), and a drift-free sensor for unmatched precision and accuracy. It is also lightweight, easy-to-install, and requires minimal maintenance to facilitate ongoing operation. Visit www.thermo.com/krilpro.

Thermo Scientific

Booth 2225

Heated gas stream filters

The Universal Analyzer's PROCESS SERIES Heated Gas Stream Filters are available in a variety of configurations: FM-Approved Class I Groups A/B/C/D Division 2, Temperature Control by limit switch or RTD up to 550˚F, with 3 or 9-inch Filter Elements in a wide variety of filtration media and with 2.5L Heated Blowback.

Universal Analyzers Inc.

Booth 2834


Universal Flow Monitors introduces an expanded line of CoolPoint vortex shedding flowmeters for process cooling in automation/robotics. Larger sizes of the stainless steel version are offered for processing higher flows of corrosive fluids and water with chemicals added.  Flow totalization capability and flow turndown of 20:1 are new options.

Universal Flow Monitors, Inc.

Booth 2406

Oxygen transmitter

The Vaisala SPECTRACAP Oxygen Transmitter OMT355 monitors percent oxygen in gases by measuring the absorption of light from a tunable diode laser. The OMT355 can be flange-mounted directly into a process, used in a sample system, or mounted on a wall for oxygen deficiency monitoring. The stainless steel probe tolerates aggressive chemicals and excessive amounts of moisture.

Vaisala Inc.

Booth 1604

Cable assemblies

VariSystems Inc. manufactures custom, ruggedized cable assemblies and harnesses. VSI utilizes polyurethane jacketed cables and bonded injection overmolding to offer a completely sealed, variable temperature, flexible cable. The assemblies eliminate risk of down time due to failure resulting from vibration, flex cycling, ambient or pressurized fluids, strain and severe usage.

VariSystems Inc.

Booth 2060

SCADA, process control

Vista's Vsystem is a comprehensive collection of SCADA and process control tools famous for efficiency, scalability, amazing openness, and unbelievable flexibility. Vsystem is the same product on eight platforms including Windows, OpenVMS, Linux, and Solaris. The Vsystem architecture isolates functions giving an efficient, reliable system based on a common database.

Vista Control Systems Inc.

Booth 3043

I/O system

WAGO's new SPEEDWAY 767 I/O System combines the power of a PLC, modularity of distributed I/O and IP67 protection to eliminate control cabinets, creating new class of control and performance. Data is transferred via a high-speed sub-network; open communications are established to other networked devices using standard network protocols. 

WAGO Corporation

Booth 2442


The Winters PXT Xmas Tree Gauge is built to the specific needs of oil field equipment. This 4" (100mm) heavy duty gauge features a stainless steel case, ring, socket, and Bourdon tube to withstand corrosive environments, ±1% ANSI/ASME Grade A full scale accuracy, and an adjustable aluminum micrometer pointer.

Winters Instruments

Booth 2000