October 2008

ISA EXPO 2008 event products

Enterprise Integration

MultiMonitor thin client

ACP's MultiMonitor Thin Clients host up to five displays, each showing a different application.  Standard clients can show multiple sessions on a single screen, tiling different applications to consolidate existing incompatible applications into one master console without modifying any software.  It also shadows clients across the plant or around the world.

Automation Control Products (ACP)

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AV systems/services

The largest glo-bal integrator for AV systems and services de-livers technology that simultaneously drives full-scale video walls and multiple secondary displays of varying sizes and resolutions. Remotely positioned in secure locations, PCs are controlled via desktop for KVM functionality, with noise and heat reduction.


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Project management, automation

Brillig Systems is a premier provider of Project Management and Automation Engineering services. Brillig Systems has proven successes in Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Energy, Metals and Microelectronics. Brillig's Project Managers can successfully plan and execute projects from inception, or can turn around troubled projects by melding significant experience with time-proven methodologies.

Brillig Systems

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SCADA software

ClearSCADA is the premium SCADA Management software package for the global SCADA Industry. With the product's use of industry-standard formats such as OPC, OLE Automation, ODBC, HTTP/XML and .Net API, the dedicated Client/Server architecture efficiently interfaces with third-party query and data mining software to provide seamless data exchange.

Control Microsystems

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Embedded solutions

The VIA EPIA P710 is an incredibly compact 10 cm x 7.2 cm Pico-ITX board with an extended feature set that includes an onboard SATA connector, Gigabit LAN, and SUMIT QMS Design for extreme extension capability (PCI-E/USB/LPC/SMBus/SPI). Featuring the VIA VX800 unified digital media IGP chipset with a 1GHz VIA C7 processor, the VIA EPIA P710 also includes an integrated power adapter that negates the need for a separate power daughterboard.

VIA Technologies

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