October 2008

Standards demos teach at EXPO

Education is the main goal at the standards demo booths at EXPO this year. Focusing on key benefits of their respective technologies, standards leaders will help users understand how standards benefit technology use and lead to better educated users who can ultimately make more informed decisions for the future of the automation industry.

Field device tool

As part of the Bus Station arena, the ISA103/FDT Group (Booth 1222) will demonstrate how field device tool (FDT) technology provides open access to device intelligence. Live demonstration kiosks will showcase device/system interoperability, ease of setup and configuration, and innovative diagnostics in a multi-vendor environment. The demos will illustrate how FDT technology supports all phases of a plant life cycle across HART, FOUNDATION fieldbus, and Profibus.

FDT technology is for all automation industries (chemical, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, machines, and steel to name a few), said ISA103 chairman Ahmad Zahedi, with FlowServe in Irving, Tex.

Zahedi said technology benefits include freedom to choose devices from more than 1,300 dtm device types over a dictated/host required device selection, investment protection supporting devices and protocols of the installed base, single access to device data for all phases of the plant life cycle, ease of use, and reduction to total cost of ownership by means of software tools, engineering, and training.

Users of the technology will get the information to prepare them to think about how FDT technology could be integrated in their new or existing plants. For Example: FDT provides single access to all device data, one window for all phases of the devices life cycle: Engineering, Commissioning, Operation and Maintenance. This provides savings in work time resulting in a significant reduction of the life cycle costs such as predictive maintenance, reduced trips the field, best in class diagnostics, among others.

Encryption device description language

The ISA104 EDDL booth will host demonstrations by major DCS manufacturers: Invensys, ABB, Siemens, and Emerson. "They will illustrate the technical strengths of the encryption device description language (EDDL) standard, IEC61804, to support advanced user interfaces for diagnostics and device setup independent of the communication technology support by the device," said ISA104 chair Terry Blevins, with Emerson in Austin, Tex.

Field devices such as valve positions based on HART, Foundation Fieldbus, and Profibus from Metso, Samson, Invensys, Fisher Controls, and Siemens will illustrate how manufacturers are using EDDL to document their device capabilities in a single, open, and consistent format. A live demonstration of diagnostic information being accessed using a WirelessHART adapter connected to a wired HART device and through wireless access to a self-powered WirelessHART device illustrates how EDDL also supports the latest wireless devices.

End users involved in commissioning, operations, and maintenance can see how EDDL-based control systems, software, and handheld communicators simplify calibration, advanced diagnostics, and setup of simple and advanced device types communicating HART, Profibus, and Foundation fieldbus using powerful graphics and wizards.

End users responsible for system configuration and management can see how EDDL-based solutions provide data synchronization between device manager and DCS, as well as automatic population of OPC servers. They will learn how rigorous independent testing and registration process ensures interoperability between software and devices from manufacturers.