7 November 2008

November Products 4 U

Temperature concentrator

The TCS Temperature Concentrator System reduces the cost of transmitting multiple temperature sensor measurements by concentrating up to 32 signals onto a single twisted wire pair. The system provides a precision measurement at less than 25% the cost of using comparable stand-alone smart temperature transmitters. The TCS accepts any combination of RTD, T/C, mV and resistance/potentiometer signal inputs, converts the inputs to the HART digital communications protocol, and transmits the data long distances from the field to the control room on an economical HART digital data link over a twisted wire pair. All process, status and diagnostic information can then be accessed by a HART-based control system.

Moore Industries-International


Magnetostrictive level transmitters

The AccuTrak AT100 and AccuTrak AT200 high accuracy, magnetostrictive liquid level transmitters have been certified for operation in SIL 2 (Safety Integrity Level 2) environments. The transmitters are the only magnetostrictive transmitters in the industry to be certified to the exacting IEC 61508 safety standard. They help reduce risk at the process measurement level when implementing Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) in process plant environments, such as chemical plants, refineries, and power plants.


Dual-port Ethernet controller

Integrated Ethernet switch functionality enables the 750-871 ETHERNET TCP/IP 2-Port Programmable Fieldbus Controller to optimize networking capabilities while streamlining associated costs. The 750-871 is easily integrated into existing Ethernet networks while minimizing the overall number of components. The controller can link the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM to the Ethernet fieldbus, and the dual RJ-45 Fieldbus ports daisychain up to 20 devices-each segment may be up to 100m long-within one series. The controller is programmable in accordance with IEC 61131-3 and also features an integrated DIP switch that may be used for IP address assignment.


Differential pressure gauges

The air2guide family of differential pressure gauges are designed to measure very low pressure ranges from 1 to 25 InWC. The air2guide has been value-engineered and optimized to provide significant installation time savings-over 50%, compared to competitive systems. It has also been retrofitted to existing hole-patterns, eliminating the need for tools. The air2guide features a two-part measuring system that separates the media from case components. Standardized case designs allow mechanical and electronic output configurations to utilize identical components and permit the replacement of only the measuring system.

WIKA Instrument Corporation

Rack-mount managed Ethernet switches

The EK Series of rack-mount industrial Ethernet managed switches offered in 26 port (EK26) and 32 port (EK32) models. These switches are industrial rated and designed to meet the requirements of power substations (IEC 61850 / IEEE 1613), traffic control (NEMA TS2), railway applications (EN 50121-4), maritime (ABS/DNV/GL), and more. The rugged and compact 1U rack-mount packaging fits into standard EIA, WECO, and ETSI racks from 19" to 24". The EK26 and EK32 switches are extremely configurable and offer a wide range of Ethernet port options. 



The M8 field attachable connectors with Biatec quick termination technology provide easy assembly in the field with only basic tools required. Biatec technology is a unique design allowing wires to be attached without the use of screws or soldering. The design is ideally suited for automation and network applications. The compact field attachable connectors are IP67 rated for protection from water and debris. Both male and female connectors are available in 3- and 4-pin versions. Connectors are attachable with cable diameters between 3-5 mm and wire cross-sections from 0.14 to 0.34 mm².

Binder-USA, LP

Water solutions

The Water Solutions product line, with a broad range of analytical measurement technology from the company's OPTISENS series, supplements the measurement of the physical parameters of flow, level, and temperature. The OPTISENS line of products feature automatic sensor cleaning (which removes tough coatings and lengthens maintenance intervals), ammonium and nitrate measurement with ion-selective electrodes technology (eliminating the need for sample preparation of reagent additions), and customer-specific solutions, such as offering measurement systems for: hydrogen peroxide and ozone in disinfection applications, fluoride and sodium in drinking water applications, and chloride, ammonium, nitrate, calcium, copper and lime in water applications.


Annunciator, event recorder

The 725B Combined Annunciator and Event Recorder uses CANBUS communication technology coupled with the company's multi-redundant (no single point of system failure) design to offer the best combination of reliability, flexibility, and usability. The 725B can be supplied as a stand alone annunciator or with an integrated 1ms Event Recorder, allowing the user to analyze the exact sequence of events following a plant breakdown. For improved illumination, increased reliability and lower operating costs, all alarm windows are illuminated by ultra-bright white LEDs offering a maintenance free solution.

RTK Instruments