May 2008

ISA presence at D.C. symposium

In keeping with ISA's goal to further the cause of automation and engineering, ISA Executive Director Patrick Gouhin attended the 6th Annual Engineering R&D Symposium and Reception this month in Washington, D.C. The symposium is dedicated to promoting federal funding for engineering-related research and development.

Officials from the Administration and Members of Congress were invited to discuss their research and development priorities and the impact of the Fiscal Year 2009 budget request on the engineering, science, and technology community. Discussions included R&D funding for the year ahead and the impact to the engineering community.

By participating in the preceding annual convocation of professional engineering societies at the national Academy of Engineering, ISA and the Automation Federation had a front-row seat for discussion on engineering as a global enterprise and the engineering pipeline. "We continue to make strides in getting the profession of automation recognized as a career of choice so that tomorrow's engineers and technicians will see our field as a viable option," Gouhin said. "It is through participation in such events as the convocation and symposium that we will make a lasting mark on the world and contribute to the recognition of such a deserved profession. It is equally important that we follow the R&D funding and strive to impact allocations toward automation technologies as this will bring in the academic and scientific community that we must embrace to add to our overall credibility."