27 March 2008

March Products 4 U, 4th edition

VAX Valve

A line of VAX valves is available for applications that require fast actuation and strict durability and reliability. These compact valves combine a process valve and actuator in a single integrated unit with only one moving part. The VAX valve has a coaxial design offering high flow rates with minimal pressure loss, while extending the VAX's cycle life by as much as 10 times that of conventional valves. The electric version of the VAX functions like a direct acting solenoid valve. Shut-off speed occurs in as little as 0.25 milliseconds in either direction.

Assured Automation



Industrial ADSL router

Designed for secure communication between remote sites, the DR-250 is based on the latest ADSL2/2+ and supports the fastest broadband speeds available. It enables economical and reliable links connecting equipment such as SCADA, PLCs, RTUs and I/O devices. It provides 20 encrypted secure tunnels and can incorporate a UTMS 3G/HSDPA wireless card for back up. DR-250 is the ideal solution for replacing high-cost leased lines.  Legacy serial based equipment can be connected to the DR-250 via the onboard RS-232 terminal server.

Westermo Teleindustri AB


Turbomachinery control

Input and output (IO) modules for turbomachinery control applications are being released as part of the CENTUM VP integrated production control system. They have a highly reliable dual redundant configuration and an intermixed signal interface for handling both analog and digital data. The Servo Module is designed to control turbine speed by interfacing with specific sensors and actuators to manipulate steam and fuel control valves. The High Speed Protection Module is designed to protect the turbine from over speed and other critical conditions by shutting steam and fuel valves.

Yokogawa Corporation of America


Tower lights

Signal50 Warning Tower Lights are for warning an operator or indicating that a particular defined action should be initiated. This line of 50 mm high grade, heavy-duty tower lights are flexible and extremely easy to assemble and install. Choose from the variety of over 100 combinations of lenses, voltages, and illumination types including incandescent, LED, strobe, flashing, and more. The Signal50 line is the perfect compliment to any industrial control system. The Signal50 is ideal for the food processing, packaging, and electronic industries. This product is CE compliant.

OMEGA Engineering Inc.



The 787F is a side exit, low profile accelerometer-the integral cable version of the 787A side exit general purpose sensor with a permanent Viton boot and Teflon jacketed cable to provide protection in the harshest environments. The 787F accelerometer's integral cable is permanently mounted, eliminating a common concern that contaminants can penetrate the connector. With fully welded construction, the sensor is truly hermetically sealed to 1x10-8 cc/sec. The 787F is electrostatic discharge (ESD), electromagnetic and radio frequency interference (EMI/RFI) protected.

Wilcoxon Research Inc.