5 March 2008

March Products 4 U, 2nd edition

PROFIBUS interfaces

PCI and PXI PROFIBUS interfaces add compatibility and flexibility to industrial systems. With these interfaces, PROFIBUS engineers now can integrate NI LabVIEW software into benchtop, real-time, and device test PROFIBUS networks. The PROFIBUS interfaces include a LabVIEW driver with Express VIs for rapid application development. Express VIs are easy-to-use configuration-based blocks that simplify communication between LabVIEW and the PROFIBUS network. The PROFIBUS interfaces can function as either master or slave devices on PROFIBUS networks. PCI and PXI PROFIBUS interfaces also include a graphical Configurator utility to configure network timing and set up PROFIBUS slaves on a network.

National Instruments



Digital enclosure

The ViewStation Array, a digital signage hardware enclosure, is a combination of LCD displays, thermal management, and enclosure protection, which employs over 20 years of enclosure experience and up to six 46" LCD displays within the same "billboard-sized" (12'x14') enclosure. The six-screen design provides the versatility to present one giant message or up to six individual messages within the same product.  The Array is a perfect solution for public venues such as: airports, hospitals, hotels, stadiums, arenas, convention centers, universities, and car dealerships, just to name a few. 




Application services platform

ManageLinx, a powerful platform for application services, is ideal for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) or managed service providers (MSPs) to generate, expand, or accelerate remote product service (RPS) or smart service business offerings. ManageLinx utilizes the Internet to create a "Virtual Device Network" (VDN) that allows access to only authorized equipment, without visibility to any other part of the network or compromising IT policies or firewall integrity. The ManageLinx platform does not require any changes to the network hardware or configuration. The initial ManageLinx offering consists of the Device Services Manager (DSM) and the Device Services Controller (DSC).




Software system

The Dataforth-ION (input-output network), combined with one or more isoLynx SLX200 systems, provides a total solution for factory automation, process control, test and measurement, machine control, and data acquisition applications. Establishing a complete automation or test system with Dataforth-ION is simple. The core software runs as a service under Windows. This sets up the central server, which can connect to many isoLynx SLX200 units via one or more networks. The networks can be EIA-485 or dedicated Ethernets, or a combination of the two. Users access the system via an Intranet or the Internet. No application software is required.

Dataforth Corporation



Position sensors

A metric version of the 24V DC-LVDT position sensors is available.  Constructed entirely of stainless steel, the HSE/HSER 750 Series of 19.0 mm diameter DC-operated LVDTs are hermetically sealed, making them impervious to dirt, water, steam and other corrosive elements.   These CE-approved and highly rugged units are ideal for use in hydraulic cylinder positioning, valve position sensing, automatic assembly equipment and other industrial applications with hostile conditions and corrosive environments. The sensor's coil windings are sealed against hostile environments to IEC standard IP-68.  The housing, bore liner, and end washers are TIG welded, providing a hermetic seal free from oxidation-producing faults that may cause leakage.

Macro Sensors