6 June 2008

June Products 4 U

Pneumatic pressure controller

The PACE 5000 pneumatic pressure controller/indicator employs full digital control to provide stability and high slew rate, while its modular concept allows users to enjoy quick and easy parts replacement and significantly reduced instrument downtime. The PACE 5000 is based on Druck DPI 520 platform.  It incorporates the latest generation of piezo-resistive devices. Designed primarily for 19-inch rack systems, it is equally at home as a bench top instrument and ideal for integration into automated processes. Multiple units can be combined in the same system to provide a full range of pressure calibration capability from 25 mbar to 210 bar.

GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies, www.gesensing.com

Safety instrumented system

An enhanced version of the ProSafe-RS Safety Instrumented System, ProSafe-RS R2.01.00, is integrated with the production control system CENTUM VP and offers improved security and support for Windows Vista. The operation and monitoring screen of CENTUM VP features an ergonomic universal design and an advanced, intuitive operational environment for improved visibility of information and enhanced operability. ProSafe-RS R2.01.00 enhances the security of PC components and keeps plants secure by restricting communications, controlling access to folders and the registry, and preventing unauthorized access from outside.

Yokogawa Corporation of America, www.yokogawa.com


Dewpoint transmitter

The DRYCAP Dewpoint Transmitter DMT152 utilizes a polymer sensor technology that combines the proven stability and durability of the existing thin-film polymer DRYCAP sensor with an expanded range down to minus 112°F dewpoints. The DMT152 dewpoint transmitter utilizes the DRYCAP sensor, which relies on the patented, AUTO-CALIBRATION feature, providing end users both dry end accuracy and durability. The auto-calibration function improves wet to dry response time to just minutes instead of hours or days. The DMT152 mechanics have been designed to withstand harsh environments that require protection against dust, dirt and splashed water.

Vaisala, www.vaisala.com

Gas chromatograph

The new Series 200DID Gas Chromatograph is a process analyzer optimized explicitly for ppb analysis of non-corrosive and corrosive gases. This instrument employs the patented discharge ionization detector (DID) and offers application specific system configurations. The 19" rack mount compatible Series 200DID GC is computer controlled using keypad with vacuum fluorescence graphical display. The GC features continuous, unattended operation (24/7); packed or micro-packed columns; auto-zero; automated valve control; isolated, discrete 4-20 mA outputs; and two modes of operation: manual - used for method development and/or research; and automatic - used for process analysis. The GC is a self-contained instrument therefore chromatography software is not needed.

GOW-MAC Instrument Co., www.gow-mac.com

Pulse modulators

The DTI PowerMod Solid-State Pulse Modulators are a compact line of solid-state pulse modulators that replace tube-based pulsers for high power radar transmitters and improve magnetron life. The modulators provide >99% switching efficiency, <500 ns switching times, pulse frequencies up to 100 KHz, depending upon load, and adjustable pulse widths from sub-microseconds to DC; pulse-to-pulse.  Typically reducing arc-energy to fractions of a joule, these compact modulators extend magnetron transmitter life up to 50,000 hours MTBF. 

Diversified Technologies, Inc., www.divtecs.com


The SCADAPack 350E and SCADAPack 357E respond to the growing demand for interoperability and reliable communications by featuring native DNP3 and IEC 60870-5 and multi-vendor connectivity.  AGA12-2 encryption ensures data integrity for billable applications or critical operations.  Both products share the same hardware platform as the field proven and cost-effective SCADAPack 300 series. The IEC 61131-3 programming environment provides support for two logic applications running simultaneously on the same E-Series controller.  E-Series controllers support a full-featured FAT32 (PC compatible) file system and command line. 

Control Microsystems, www.controlmicrosystems.com

Absolute encoder

The Acuro XR absolute encoder incorporates three important design elements that make it ideal for harsh applications. The encoder utilizes magnetic technology.  It uses considerably oversized bearings to handle high axial and radial shaft loads.   It is tightly sealed around the shaft and housing to resist liquid ingress. Using a magnet instead of light to generate the electronic signal increases the encoder's resistance to shock, vibration, and moisture tremendously; so much so that this absolute encoder can now be used in applications previously unsuitable for sensitive optical units. 

Dynapar, www.dynapar.com