17 June 2008

June Products 4 U, 2nd edition

Portable vibration meters

The VIBRA-CHECK VM2800 and VM3800 Portable Vibration Meters give users the ability to perform vibration analysis in three major modes: velocity, displacement, and acceleration. Each meter features a robust, high-temperature accelerometer with a removable magnetic mounting base for attachment of a stinger.  The sensors are internally protected against thermal shock, electric noise and amplitude overload. The VM2800 is the standard model featuring microprocessor-based measurements, a backlit LCD readout, sensor bias indication and true RMS detection.  The advanced VM3800 has the advantages of VM2800 plus memory capability, a bearing check function, and modes for Hold, Peak and Average.

Metrix Instrument Co.



SCADA system

The T-BOX LT-100 compact remote monitoring and control SCADA system is an IP-based telemetry solution that enables complete integration of SCADA, control, and communications functionality in one rugged package. The LT-100 model is cost effective for installations that require up to 8 DI/DO points and 2 counter inputs. T-BOX LT-100 incorporates full web server technology with SMS reporting and remote control to provide real-time access anytime, anywhere through a standard web browser. Operators can receive alarms and communicate with their sites remotely using a mobile device such as a cell phone, laptop, or PDA.



Secure access software

The Industrial cpmPlus Smart Client helps process customers securely access their automation systems via an internet browser for real-time visibility into the process from any location as long as a connection to the plant exists (i.e. VPN). Smart Client retrieves data from System 800xA and connected third-party systems and then displays this information in the user desired format to facilitate the informed decisions and swift, appropriate actions that improve performance. In addition to browser-based graphical displays, Smart Client also provides trending and Statistical Process Control, alarm and event reporting, and a Microsoft Excel interface.



Spring-type terminals

The additions to the 285 Series (POWER Cage Clamp), the 285-150 (2/0) and 285-135 (2 AWG) terminals, round out the only spring-type terminal block line that terminates conductors from 2 AWG to 4/0. The two-conductor, feed-through block provides safe, secure connections for all conductor types up to 200 A/600 V. All members feature a side-entry design, making them ideal for connecting large conductors in space-restricted areas, such as switchgear cabinets. Termination is simple: one twist of a hex wrench (2/0 or 4/0) or screwdriver (2 AWG) activates the spring and clamp. Next, push the locking tab, freeing both hands for conductor manipulation. A simple rotation releases the latch, clamping the conductor in place. 

WAGO Corporation


Dissolved oxygen meter

The DOH-20D is a portable microprocessor-based dissolved oxygen meter has custom digital LCD screen displays large numbers for easy reading. The LCD screen can show dissolved oxygen (DO) in either mg/liter or percent of saturation and temperature simultaneously. This product has memory storage, recall with data hold function, and has the ability to store up to 16 sets of temperature and DO values. The user can utilize the RS232 (optional) feature to download stored values into a computer. This device will shut down automatically after 10 minutes of being idle and has low-battery and consumption indicators.

OMEGA Engineering