15 July 2008

July Products 4 U, 2nd edition

Level switch

The NuTec LS2000 Level Switch provides reliable level monitoring and interface control in demanding process industries that require precise measurement, low maintenance, long-life, and low instrument cost-of-ownership. The LS2000 is designed for two-wire, 4 to 20 mA loop power that allows the LS2000 to serve as a drop-in replacement for other two-wire mechanical float and paddle switches without any wiring modifications during plant retrofit projects.  The LS2000 is also available for 115/230 Vac or 24 Vdc input power and a 6A relay output.

Fluid Components International



Ladder interface software

The Ladder Interface Software converts Relay Ladder Logic programs into optimized, deterministic code for the compact RIO-471x0 programmable logic controller (PLC). The software has an easy-to-use graphical interface that provides object types for contacts, coils, control relays, boxes (including timers, counters and data manipulation), and analog I/O. It features a command box for specifying any valid Galil two-letter command. The Ladder Interface Software generates an optimized RIO program from the specified objects in the logic diagram. It also automatically adds determinism to the RIO program.

Galil Motion Control


Sulfuric acid dewpoint monitor

The LANCOM 200 was developed specifically for oil-fired and coal-fired boiler systems that require periodic monitoring of the sulfuric acid dewpoint temperature to maintain boiler efficiency, prevent corrosion or to evaluate the effectiveness of fuel additives and changes in combustion conditions. The portable monitor assures boiler operators that the optimum operating temperature is maintained-just above the sulfuric acid dewpoint-where no sulfuric acid is being formed and combustion efficiency is maximized.  The lightweight LANCOM 200 is able to obtain a reading in a matter of minutes, is able to capture and store up to 10,000 readings and requires only simple field maintenance.

Land Instruments


Analytical balances

The line of ultra-micro and microbalances in the current Excellence Plus and Excellence line of analytical balances are now available. The XP6U and XP2U ultra microbalances and XP6 microbalance with up to 6 g capacity and 0.1 μg or 1 μg readability, provide incomparable measurement accuracy, user friendliness, and quality standards. The Excellence XS3DU microbalance offers fundamental functionality with superb weighing performance in a 800 mg fine range with a 1 μg readability. The XP2U is an ultra-microbalance, providing optimal weighing performance, user friendliness, and quality standards. The XP2U ultra microbalance has a very high resolution: 21 million digits.