July 2008


Hands-on demos educate Make2Pack users

OMAC and the ISA88 Part 5 Make2Pack committee hosted a half-day educational seminar in conjunction with the Packaging Automation Forum sponsored by Packaging World Magazine in May. The seminar included a Make2Pack tutorial and Connect-and-Pack training session that included hands-on demonstrations of connect-and-pack guidelines implemented from seven technology providers' respective applications. The purpose was to give attendees a more detailed understanding of the benefits of the connect-and-pack guidelines and illustrate the intent of the Make2Pack standards, which industry will use to develop and support factory floor automation.

During the Make2Pack tutorial Dave Chappell, ISA88 Part 5 subcommittee chair, shared insight into the intent of the Make2Pack standards and how they will benefit operations. GE Fanuc demonstrated Make2Pack standards in action.

Rob Aleksa kicked off the connect-and-pack portion of the seminar with a user perspective on how Procter & Gamble benefits by implementing the connect-and-pack guidelines in their packaging applications. 

During the hands-on demonstration attendees could see how different technology providers implemented connect-and-pack guidelines. Each provider demonstrated how PackML and PackTags are implemented on their system; how OPC was configured to enable PackTags to be communicated to other demo applications; documentation that helps implement connect-and-pack guidelines; and templates to simplify configuration of a connect-and-pack application.

For more information on presentations and hands-on demonstrations, visit www.omac.org/paf08