7 February 2008

February Products 4 U


The MULTI integrated development environment is now available for the 16-bit PIC24 microcontroller (MCU) and dsPIC digital signal controller (DSC) families. The software solution for the PIC24/dsPIC DSC family consists of the following components: MULTI integrated development environment-providing the most comprehensive DSO tool set for embedded software developers; MPLAB C30 C Compiler; MPLAB REAL ICE Emulator-providing reliable and efficient debugging; and Microchip PIC24 MCU/dsPIC DSC instruction-set simulator.

Microchip Technology Inc.

Green Hills Software, Inc. 

www.microchip.com, www.ghs.com


Signal conditioner 

The model 4999 low-pass filter signal conditioner is the first in the industry with individual input ground isolation to eliminate ground loops often encountered with multiple channel measurements. The model 4999 is well suited for applications such as rotating machinery test cells and the nuclear services industry where a very low noise floor is required, among others. The 16-channel, 2U rack mounted model 4999 offers an ultra-low-noise design in a 4- or 6-pole low-pass filter conditioner that supplies excitation current to IEPE (ISOTRON, ICP) type sensors and remote charge convertors.

Endevco Corporation



Pipe fittings

A comprehensive range of nickel-plated brass pipe fittings to connect other fittings and pipes in pneumatic systems or assemblies is available. NPFB metal pipe fittings offer a wide choice of 124 variants featuring parallel metric and G threads as well as tapered R threads ensuring the right solution for a low-cost, simple and quick installation. Features include: Protects against corrosion and mechanical stress; excellent pressure range rating (up to 580 PSI/40 BAR); excellent temperature handling capability (up to 302°F/+150°C); and RoHS conforming.





Temperature measurement

The MP150 High Speed Infrared Linescanner provides fast and complete noncontact temperature measurement solution, specifically designed for modern, high-speed manufacturing processes. The MP150 features the latest electronics, optics, communications and mirror mechanisms. One key feature facilitated by this technology is a scan speed up to 150Hz. Three times faster than its predecessor, this increased speed allows the linescanner to gather complete data from even the fastest manufacturing processes. It offers on-board Ethernet TCPI/IP communication capability. 





The Camera Link cable line includes standard cable and Power Over Camera Link (PoCL)-Camera Link cable with power transmission capabilities. PoCL is available for Standard Camera Link or Mini Camera Link (MiniCL) assemblies. MiniCL uses a smaller connector than traditional Camera Link but incorporates the same hardware and software protocols. The standard and PoCL Camera Link cables feature 28 AWG conductors and meet the requirements of Appendix D and Appendix E of the Camera Link specification. The Camera Link cable uses EnduroFLEX blended elastomer jacketing material for rugged industrial and outdoor environments. 

Northwire, Inc.



XML standard

The organization's XML standard provides an open, non-proprietary, software interface for the interchange of industrial and process control programs between controls, Product Life Cycle Management (PLM), Machine & Process Simulation, CAD, documentation software, and other systems. The XML schemas and documentation as well as an introduction are available free to anyone on the internet.  The downloadable files include a 156 page Explanation of the PLCopen XMLSchema, 58 page document on XML Formats for IEC 61131-3, and XML Schema files. The standard has gained acceptance by the AutomationML organization www.AutomationML.org.