February 2008

Focus on pressure

Pressure is a measure of applied force compared with the area over which the force is exerted. Key terms: Pressure control is managed by a device or system that can raise, lower, or maintain the internal pressure in a vessel or in process equipment; pressure measurement determines the internal force per unit area in a process vessel, tank, or piping system as a result of fluid or compressed gas; and pressure rating is the maximum allowable internal force pre unit area of a pressure vessel, tank, or piping system during normal operation.


The PX5500 Transducer Series provides high performance in demanding industrial and research applications where accuracy, reliability, and price are important. This transducer has a 10-year MTBF rate and is stable to 0.1% of FSO over an 18 month period. This translates into less down time, fewer test reruns, more time between calibrations, and high confidence in your pressure data. When recalibration is impossible, relying on the high stability of the PX5500 Series transducer may be the only cost-effective way to obtain pressure data over the long term. 

The thin film technology makes this premium performance possible. The strain gages and associated structures are sputter-deposited directly onto the pressure sensing element thus eliminating the need for adhesives. The resulting molecular bond between the sensing element and the strain gages ensures virtually no shifting, drifting, or "creep" in the performance of the transducer. The micro-geometry design of the PX5500 sensing element results in a very small, low mass sensor that reduces effects of mechanical vibration and shock. 

OMEGA Engineering




The Cecomp F16-series programmable pressure/vacuum gauges offer high accuracy and ruggedness at a competitive price. The gauges can be customized with the features you need for your application. They are available in most engineering units with pressures to 5000 psi plus vacuum, bipolar, absolute, and compound (inHg/psig) ranges. 

Models that operate on battery or low voltage AC/DC power offer min/max capture and pushbutton zero. 2-wire loop-powered versions and 4-wire transmitters are available. Models with user-settable alarm relays and/or analog output provide maximum versatility. An optional NEMA 4X housing makes the F16 series ideal for industrial applications.  

Accuracy is ±0.25% with 316 stainless steel wetted parts and a ¼" NPT process connection.

Cecomp Electronics
Division of Absolute Process Instruments, Inc. 




The Type 3500 High Pressure Regulator reduces inlet pressures from as high as 6000 psig (413 BAR) down to working pressures ranging between 0 and 225 psig (15.5. BAR). The self-operated, high-pressure regulator can be designed to be used in applications requiring high-pressure reducing regulators for various gases. The Type 3500 regulator can also be used where high-pressure gas must be reduced for use as pilot supply pressure in pilot-operated regulators or as loading pressure in pressure-loaded regulators.

The Type 3500 regulator provides outlet pressure to 225 psig (15.5 bar) in three spring ranges: 0-125 psig (0-8.6 BAR), 0-150 psig (0-10.3 BAR) and 0-225 psig (0-15.5 BAR). A choice of three output ports provides plumbing flexibility for easy hookup. A replaceable nylon valve seat provides up to 4 replacement sealing surfaces. The Type 3500 regulator is optionally available with a ¼" NPT female connection on the spring case for remote venting (tapped exhaust).  Socket head or tee handle adjustment is available. 

ControlAir Inc. 



Process gauge 

The Process Gauge is a rugged gauge de-signed to withstand pulsation, vibration, and corrosive environments. This gauge is liquid fillable; glycerin is the standard with other fills available. The standard bourdon tube and socket are made with 316 stainless steel; monel is optional.  Standard features include: stainless steel internals, 4.5" dial, ¼" NPT or ½" NPT, bottom connection or direct wall mount, and a variety of pressure ranges.  

REOTEMP Instruments




The Wafer-Cone flowmeter is now approved by the Bureau of Land Management for use in coal-bed methane gas appli- cations. It is designed for liquid or gas service in line sizes from 0.5 to 6 inches.  Applications for the Wafer-Cone range from chemical injection or filtering in process lines to general plant needs, such as lines for natural gas, chilled water supporting burners or ovens, cooling systems, HVAC, and more. Its unique DP flow sensor is actually designed with built-in flow conditioning to achieve an accuracy of +0.5%, with a repeatability of +0.1%.  It operates over a flow range of 10:1.





The SIREC D200, D300, and D400 recorders are advanced paperless recording systems offering enhancements including an industrial grade touch screen with rapid navigation and removable compact flash and USB data storage. More than 256,000 colors makes it easy to interpret process data and take action with the intuitive bar charts, digital values, trends, or custom displays. The heavy duty, durable touch screen provides easy data entry and rapid navigation through the menus.  Various high-performance software packages are available as options for parameter setting, real-time display, evaluation, and archiving.

Siemens Energy & Automation, Inc.



SCADA solution

The Ovation SCADA for wind energy management features state-of-the-art monitoring, control, and diagnostic functionality that optimizes wind farm operations. The Ovation SCADA system supports wind turbine generators from all major OEMs, as well as multiple communication network types, such as dial-up, leased lines and wireless. The system offers the capability to remotely start, stop, reset, and tag out individual wind turbine generators, minimizing labor-intensive site visits. Protective supervisory shutdown is automatically conducted by the Ovation SCADA system when certain predefined site conditions are reached. 

Emerson Process Management 

Analog input card

The PCI-1715U is an isolated high-speed analog card for the PCI bus. With isolated circuits, the PCI-1715U protects sensitive measurement circuitry from interference currents or voltages. This is extremely useful when the external voltage is different than expected by the measurement hardware. Other features: 32 analog input channels with a sampling rate up to 500 kS/s, 12-bit resolution and isolation protection of 2,500 VDC, programmable gain for each input channel, onboard 1024 samples FIFO buffer, boardID switch, and supports internal and external pacer sampling modes.

Advantech Corporation

Wireless tablet PC

FocalPoint Mobile is a wireless tablet PC that allows users to monitor multiple fire alarm systems in real time. Providing information in text or graphic detail via CAD-type drawings, this wireless tablet enables facility managers, security personnel, and emergency responders to quickly evaluate an emergency event and make prompt, informed decisions. A rugged, military spec tablet PC, FocalPoint Mobile connects via a wireless network connection or cellular broadband. These compact units easily mount in vehicles or an indoor docking station, and can also be carried by hand. 


Batch software

The latest version of Proficy Batch Execution - Version 5.1 is highlighted by new features that focus on ease of use, performance, and system integration designed to improve customer productivity and reduce system operational costs. This new version of the Batch Execution software product introduces a variety of features to simplify and improve the design, maintenance, and operation of batch processes. Included in the release are a Tabular Recipe Editor, new ActiveX Controls, integration with the ground-breaking Proficy Process Systems, performance enhancements, and ease of use features.

GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms

Vortex shedding flowmeters

Upgrades in CoolPoint vortex shedding flowmeters for totalization and im-proved pro- cess cooling in automated and robotic machinery applications are available. The upgrades are designed for added capabilities and greater flexibility in measuring and monitoring flows of cooling water, water/glycol coolant, and low-viscosity fluids in most process industries. A flow totalizer with reset button and six-digit LED is offered as a special option on all CoolPoint pipe sizes.  The flow totalizer features a pulse output and a display in either liters or gallons. 

Universal Flow Monitors, Inc.



I/O system

The NET Concentrator System (NCS) industrial I/O system has achieved Factory Mutual (FM) approval as a Non-Incendive Apparatus (multiple device system), allowing the smart and rugged I/O system to be used in Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C & D Hazardous "Classified" Areas in both the U.S. and Canada.  The NCS is being used for data acquisition, process control, machine control, and as a communications concentrator in the most difficult environmental conditions, ranging from operation in unheated and un-air-conditioned cabinets in Canada to desert installations in Saudi Arabia and Australia. The NCS is rated for operation in temperatures ranging from -40°F to +185°F (-40°C to +85°C).

Moore Industries-International

Industrial Ethernet switches

The company offers an additional release of the slim line models in the Lanolinx line of Industrial Ethernet Switches.  The new line of Unmanaged Ethernet Switches is 45% thinner than previous models.  The current models being released have 4 10/100 Copper ports and either 1 or 2 100FX Fiber ports.  Both Single mode and Multi-mode models are available. The company maintains a metal housing with an IP-30 rating and maintained the industrial temperature ratings of -10°C to 70°C.  The units also have a Redundant Power Input and a Contact Closure for a local alarm. 

Aaxeon Technologies



Power controllers

The EPower Controllers offer a common driver module across the whole controller range. For OEMs, distributors, and end users, this minimizes the need for stocking spares while making both set-up and training simple. The single driver module supports up to four power modules. The result is the ability to support seven different load configurations. Initially the power modules come in four sizes-100A, 160A, 250A, and 400A. Further flexibility is provided by a series of options that allow additional modules to be plugged into dedicated slots for extra I/O or digital communications. 


Piezoelectric composite components

The company offers piezoelectric composite components.  Components manufactured with piezocomposite materials offer improvements over traditional transducer materials, which result in increased acoustic performance for a variety of military and commercial sonar receiver applications. The piezoelectric composite materials reduce the cross coupling that typically occurs between different modes in the ceramic of conventional transducers, enabling sonar components to respond in a more precise and predictable manner.  Components manufactured with the company's piezoelectric composite materials reduce spurious activity, offering higher transmit and receive efficiency. The piezoelectric composites are available in both 1-3 and 2-2 orientations, in sizes up to 1.5" square and frequencies from 100 kHz to 12 MHz.  

Morgan Electro Ceramics