2 December 2008

December Products 4 U

Dual mode thermometer

The dual mode thermometer (model DMT) provides local and remote temperature monitoring in one instrument. It combines the dependability of a bimetal with the accuracy of a RTD or thermocouple.  This rugged dual-sensor system puts two sensors in one thermowell and allows for easy tie-in to process control.  Both sensors are NIST traceable and easily calibrated.  The DMT seemlessly replaces existing thermometers or RTD/thermocouple assemblies.   The DMT has a standard leadtime of 5-7 days and is available in a variety of dial sizes, stem configurations, temperature ranges, output connections, and sensors.

REOTEMP Instruments


Mass flowmeter

The Model ST51 Mass Flow Meter for owners, operators, and manufacturers of biogas production and methane capture and recovery systems provides the high performance and features required of these applications in an explosion-proof instrument that is easy-to-install, safe, and requires virtually no-maintenance to deliver a truly best cost solution. The ST51 is designed to measure biogas and all methane composition gases including natural gas. The ST51 features a thermal mass, insertion-style flow element with flow accuracy to ±1% of reading over a broad flow range from 0.3 to 400 SFPS (0.08 to 122 MPS), and repeatability of ±0.5 percent of reading. 

Fluid Components International

Free chlorine measurement

The measurement and control of Free Chlorine has never been easier than with the FCA-22 Analyzer System, which features a virtually plumb-and-play design.  The panel mount design of this analyzer system comes factory pre-wired and with assembled flow tubing.  The advanced sensor and controller technologies allow installation and commissioning to be completed in just three easy steps utilizing simple tools. Municipal water system and industrial process engineers will find the advanced FCA-22 Analyzer precisely measures free residual chlorine while also offering a low cost-of-ownership.  It features a long-lasting sensor that minimizes part replacement and technician labor expenses.

Electro-Chemical Devices

Variable area flowmeters

Variable area flowmeters (VAFs) are the latest addition to the company's broad line of fluid system components. Used to measure liquid and gas flow rates by means of a tapered tube and float, the flowmeters provide highly accurate measurement with individually calibrated scales and a 10:1 turndown ratio. All VAFs are factory calibrated and marked to indicate the specific media, flow range, and accuracy class. The product can be calibrated and marked to customer-specific applications. Customers can choose from 10 variations of variable area flowmeters fitted with glass or metal measuring tubes.

Swagelok Company

Interface converter

The OM-CONV-USB includes driver software and has a data transfer rate of >1Mbps. This product is powered from the USB cable with no external power required. Simply install the driver software into the PC and connect the converter into your USB port. The device is immediately recognized by the system. At that point, simply connect the converter to your serial device such as a modem, scale, serial printer, or other instrument.

OMEGA Engineering Inc. 

Vortex shedding flowmeters

The expanded line of CoolPoint vortex shedding flowmeters offers greater capabilities in measuring and monitoring cooling water, water with chemicals added, coolant and low-viscosity corrosive fluids in automation and robotics. Four new, larger sizes of the stainless steel version of CoolPoint flowmeters are offered for processing higher flows of corrosive fluids and water with chemicals added.  CoolPoint 316 SS units for corrosion resistance are now available in 3/4 inch, 1 inch, 1 1/2 inch, and 2 inch pipe sizes in addition to the 1/4 inch and 1/2 sizes previously offered.  Maximum 4-20 mA transmitter flow rates for the new stainless steel sizes range from 25 gallons per minute to 200 GPM.

Universal Flow Monitors

Device type manager

The company offers a free DTM (Device Type Manager) for its 12300 Series Hart Digital Level Transmitter/Controller. This DTM adds to the existing library of Device Descriptions available by the company for its digital products and provides its customers with a user-friendly and integrated field device tool (FDT) for setup, commissioning and diagnosing from any FDT compatible environments. This DTM is designed according to the latest FDT specification 1.2 and tested with the dtmInstpector software allowing interoperability with all FDT certified frame applications such as PACTware, Fieldcare, and Fieldmate.

Dresser Masoneilan


The Instrumentation Design Office (IDO) Suite 5.0 Control Systems and Instrumentation design software is for creating and managing industrial instrumentation and control systems design data and documentation including instrument datasheets, loop diagrams, termination diagrams, hookup drawings, I/O lists, instrument index, cable schedules, Bill of Materials, and other reports and drawings. IDO enables Instrumentation Engineers to create project design documentation easily and effectively to meet demanding project schedules and reduce design, construction, and associated start-up costs. IDO 5.0 Suite functions include: Project Design Documentation; Auto Creation of Loop Diagrams in AutoCAD format; and Termination Diagrams in AutoCAD format.

ECE Design